Review: Fabbrica Restaurant, 49 Karl Fraser Rd., Toronto.

My Rating: 3 Stars.

I often stop by Fabbrica for lunch as I’m a fan of their pizzas. I mentioned their pizza in an earlier blog post here on May 18th. A nice place for a quick and casual lunch with the advantage that the McEwan grocery store is directly across the street for grocery shopping. If you read my blog from yesterday (June 12) you’ll remember I picked up some great steaks for dinner at that grocery store before heading home.

In the nice weather Fabbrica has outdoor patio tables to enjoy a drink on.

Moving inside from the patio after having a drink, I ordered a beef carpaccio appetizer and my usual Prosciutto e arugula pizza for the main.

Here is the beef carpaccio as it arrived with cheese, greens and dressing.

I really like the way they do this appetizer here and find the combination of beef with cheese and dressing to be just right.

Here is a photo I took of the pizza chef standing in the area with the wood burning pizza oven. You can see the fire in the oven, and the logs of wood stacked up in the lower right of the image. The pizza preparation area is separate from the main kitchen. They make their pizza with a special flour they import from Italy to keep the texture of the dough in line with Neapolitan tradition.

Here we are - the Prosciutto e arugula pizza fresh from the wood burning pizza oven (I watched it being made and cooked from my table so I could comment on that, which is why I moved my table inside for my meal from the patio after having a glass of wine outside in the sun). The crust is chewy, not crisp in texture. I like both styles of crust (chewy and crisp) so where to go for pizza depends on my mood. I felt like chewy crust today.

There is some debate of who makes the best individual portion size pizzas in Toronto  I will explore this later in another blog where I do side by side comparisons of pizza with a judging of which is the best and why.

The service at Fabbrica is very good with friendly servers and hostesses who always make me feel welcome. A very good casual lunch spot I can certainly recommend.

Gourmet can apply to simple comfort foods too - like Pizza!

Since I started you off with a photo of the amazing crab mousse, I just wanted to clarify something - good taste in food doesn’t require the food be elaborate and fancy. A simple comfort food like pizza is a good example.

I had lunch at Fabbrica - a casual restaurant at the intersection of Don Mills and Lawrence in Toronto that is known for their pizza - they adhere to the standards of the Associazione verace Pizza Napoletana http://www.pizzanapoletana.org  What this means is they make delicious authentic Neapolitan pizza that tastes great, right in Toronto. They import their hand-milled flour from Naples to ensure their pizza crust is just the right consistency. It makes a difference to the pizza - this is not just talk. Pictured is my pizza as served to me - the Prosciutto e arugula. It was everything a great pizza should be.

To continue the theme of casual gourmet comfort food, I will add that Fabbrica does a wonderful comfort dessert called Bombolone. These are small warm doughnuts, filled with orange pastry cream. Arguably the best doughnuts I have ever had. So, there you go: pizza followed by doughnuts for lunch, but gourmet all the way.

Next time I will go to the other end of the spectrum and discuss a seven course gourmet tasting menu - stay tuned for more!