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Dorm room #aesthetics guide

Cinderblock Minimal
Target Aisle 7
Perfect Binding Bibliophile 
Fabby Road 
Natty Light
Upscale Trip
El Che-core
Black Light Lit
Ayyyy BoHo
Window Fan Smart
Contemporary Laundry Day
High School Transitional
Vintage Marley
Curbside Collage


Here is the 600 prize we owned you all for donating for Flew. Once again, thanks everyone so much for all your help. Now we will work on the 800 prize, which we would like to have more ideas for. Send us suggestions of what you’d like to see. 

I promised thoodleoo some Cicero with a flower crown.. Being fab as always.

However, this has gotten way out of control, I guess.

Sorry for for the huge delay in having this picture ready, but we had some issues with time and Bronycon, but finally it is here. Thanks everyone who helped Flew. Right now he is getting accustomed to a new home and living a lot happier, so hopefully he can start working with us again soon. Now that this is done, we can finally go back to regular updates and shenanigans, but keep your eyes open for something else that’s about to come. You’ll all see~

The Blue Veil. Fabio Fabbi (Italian, 1861-1946). Oil on canvas.

The Blue Veil, an orientalist work most likely inspired by a visit to Cairo, shows Fabbi’s versatility and skill. The dancer is painted with visible brushstrokes, giving the impression that she is moving and dancing to the music provided by the seated musicians. 

as I’ve been learning French for around thirteen years, I feel it would be a good idea to provide you all with some hints and tips that I’ve found to be invaluable whilst learning the language! French is a gorgeous language and if English is your native language then it is fairly easy to learn as a second/third language due to the languages being so closely linked!

making learning fun



duolingo – number one fave app to learn languages with!! so simple and easy to use as it literally takes about five minutes per activity. you can use your phone and set daily goals to improve your knowledge

digital dialects - this website is fabby if you’re a beginner and want to improve your vocabulary. it’s full of little games and some of them come with audio so you can hear how the words sound

bonjour – I like this website because alongside the pronunciation help and vocab work, they give you a lil’ bit of history to the language and culture which is cute

general french resources – a huge list of french activities to boost your vocab and grammar

bbc languagessuper good for if you’re in the UK as a lot of the topics used are linked to your school studies! (you can also use bitesize which has a lot of good study tips etc for French and other languages!)

kanetix – a website with a huuuuge list of resources for you to choose from!

beginner french resources - a list of French resources by tutors at Oxford University


languages online – we use this so much in school and it is super good at teaching you different grammar techniques. there is a lot of vocab work too but the grammar work is super helpful

ortholud – this is super good for beginner grammar in French! lots of lil’ activities like filling in the blanks etc

general french resources – a huge list of french activities to boost your vocab and grammar

intermediate french resources - a list of French resources by tutors at Oxford University


la république des livres - Pierre Assouline’s blog which is compleeeetely in French. it’s pretty interesting but you might need to use word reference a bit if you’re struggling

adventures on the bookshelf – a lil’ blog for people with an interest in French. the blog is written by staff and students at Oxford University so your fellow language-lovers have had a say in it

advanced french resources – a list of French resources by tutors at Oxford University

general french resources – a huge list of french activities to boost your vocab and grammar

you gotta listen, honey



stromae – just a huge playlist of stromae’s music. he sings/raps in french, it’s pretty clear sometimes to understand what he’s saying so I recommend listening to this if you’re wanting to do some listening

edith piaf – can’t learn french without listening to a lil’ bit of edith piaf. her voice is gorgeous and transports you to a lil’ café in Paris just chilling and drinking some coffee

mika – believe it or not, mika has many French songs although his English ones are more popular in the UK

billboard charts (france) – a list of the top charts in France

listening exercises

education scotlandthey do some reaaally good listening activities for different levels

listening comprehension – amazing resource with loads of interactive listening activities for you to try out

bbc bitesize – varying levels of listening activities depending on your level of understanding


watch, watch, watch!


tv programmes/films

disparue – french programme about the disappearance of a young girl. you can find it on amazon prime (I’ve been told) but there are also a lot of websites where you can find it online

populaireone of my fave french films of all time, must watch!

petit nicholas cute lil’ french film about a boy whose parents are having a baby. It’s funny and cute all at the same time



ma vie aux états-unis reaaaaally good youtube channel about the differences in English and French. mainly aimed at American’s but still good for any French learner

damon and jo – ahhhh, love love love love love!! they vlog in a few different languages but they do a lot of travelling too in France so you get a lot of cultural information too (most videos come with subtitles)

antastesia she posts videos in French and English (with subtitles) and they’re really good!

The Dance. Fabio Fabbi (Italian, 1861-1910). Watercolor and pencil on paper.

The present scene depicts one of Fabbi’s favourite themes: Raks Baladi, the popular folk dance of Egypt which is believed to have mothered all Oriental dance. The women don long, simple robes indigenous to Egypt with some ornamentation around the bust and scarves accentuating the hips.