BTS Reaction: They get jealous when you dance with another guy

Request:  Hey 🌟🍃 A BTS reaction with the guys beaing jealous over you dancing with another guy at your birthday party?

A/N: Hey there anon, thank you for the fabby request, hope you enjoy! xx

Warning: There are parts of this which are a tad explicit so if that’s not your jam then feel free not to read ^_^


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When Jin turned around from talking to Jimin to see you dancing with another guy he would become tense to say the least. He would watch you both from the sidelines for a while, tracking exactly where his hands were and how you reacted to him. While you seemed fairly uninterested he certainly did not and so after a while, he came up to you and pulled you closer to him so he was now dancing with you, whispering in your ear that you should take a break and go somewhere more private. When he put his arm around your waist and guided you away from the party he made sure to turn to the guy who had been dancing with you and blow him a smug kiss before turning back to you.


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It seemed you were having far too much fun at your birthday party to notice the guy you were dancing with literally eating you with his eyes. Yoongi on the other hand was significantly more sober so to take care of you and so he wasted absolutely no time in storming right over there and pushing him away from you, telling the drunken creep to go slobber over someone else because you were taken. As the drunken man stumbled away into the crowd Yoongi pulled you close to him and shouted in your ear to be more careful and that he was the only one you’d be dancing with tonight before planting a cheeky peck on your liquor stained lips.


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As if he was going to let himself be out danced by some classless creep. He hit the dance floor so hard that with in seconds all eyes were on him and yet the only person his eyes met was you. He felt the music guide his body and before he knew it the guy who had been dancing with you previously had slunk away out of his view. That didn’t stop Hobi who was enjoying having your attention and so he beckoned you forward to join him, you two dancing in a way that had everyone’s envious eyes drinking up your moves and electric chemistry.

Rap Monster:

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Just because it was your birthday that doesn’t mean you can get away with making Namjoon look foolish like that. Even though he wasn’t the greatest of dancers on his own, he didn’t hang about when he joined you two on the dance floor, making a point to stare down the guy who thought it was okay to dance with his girl. He would pull you against him purposefully and feel your body dancing against his, staring into your eyes before whispering that you weren’t to dance with other guys in front of him- not that you’d want to after that performance.


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You dancing with someone else? Not with Jimin there you’re not. He’d watch you for a little while, making eye contact every now and again to see you smirking at him deliberately. You were trying to make him jealous? Fine, you’ll see what jealous Jimin can do. He’d stroll casually to you and grab your hips forecefully trailing sloppy drunken kisses down your neck as you leaned back indulgently. And then, just like that he’d be gone, sauntering off to the other side of the room to the bar, leaving you stood there perplexed, still feeling the lingering touch of your boyfriend’s electric touch.


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Tae would see this is an opportunity to get you to come to him instead of the other way around and so he approached you slowly like a lion stalking his prey before turning his attention to the girl next to you, dancing as if totally oblivious to you and the guy you were dancing with. In his drunken haze he never went too far but just far enough to see you overcome with a green haze that had you grabbing his hand and leading him from the dance floor to a place where it would safe to release the sexual tension built up between you both.


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The golden maknae was not used to losing at anything, let alone losing his girl to some slimeball who thought it was okay to dance with you. In his drunken stupor his liquid courage would take control of his body as he walked over to you and the guy, pushing the guy out the way gently in order to take your face in his hands and kiss you with a passion that was usually reserved for the nights after long tours or particularly long days. He showed the creep behind you who’s girl you were and with his hands gradually travelling down your body served as a warning to anyone else who thought about going after his girl.

Dorm room #aesthetics guide

Cinderblock Minimal
Target Aisle 7
Perfect Binding Bibliophile 
Fabby Road 
Natty Light
Upscale Trip
El Che-core
Black Light Lit
Ayyyy BoHo
Window Fan Smart
Contemporary Laundry Day
High School Transitional
Vintage Marley
Curbside Collage

Drabble request #47 - @simplyevansstan Hello lovely! I’ve been going through the prompts for days now trying to decide what ones to choose. Honestly I just want you to write them all but since I’m stuck with five, I’ve managed to narrow it down (just) to: 1, 24, 51, 70 and 118. Since I’m such a sucker for him can I please have Bucky in a Neighbour/ Best Friend AU? Now we wait… My socks are on lets knock ‘em off. (with your fabby writing)

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“Do you always answer the door in your underwear?” Bucky asks, trying his damndest to not rake his eyes over your form. Just because you were on display didn’t mean he had a right to look.

“Only when my neighbor won’t stop texting me to let him into my house.” You mumble, reaching up to throw your wild mane into a ponytail. Your shirt lifted at the action as you turn away from the door, giving Bucky a perfect view of your butt in some ridiculously form-fitting panties. Shit, when did this whole best friend relationship get complicated?

Oh, right. It wasn’t complicated. Bucky was just in love with you.

Bucky clears his throat and shuts your door, following you to your room. “Is that all I am to you? A neighbor?” He jokes, flopping on your bed as you go into the bathroom. “How do you expect me to concentrate if you don’t cover yourself up?

“What do you want, Barnes?” Even though the door is shut, he knows you’re smiling.

“I just wanted to trigger your dopamine. I know you’ve been stressed lately–I wanted to help–”

You come out of the bathroom, smiling at him as he stretches across your bed. “So, you came to my room at four am to cuddle with me?

“More or less, yeah.”

You laugh and it sends Bucky’s heart racing. “You’re a mess, Buck.” he doesn’t have an opportunity to reply before you’re climbing back under your sheets, facing away from him. He wraps his arm around your middle, while the other snakes under your pillow. He tangles his legs with yours, and you shift closer to him, your butt wiggling against his crotch.

Sit still for the love of all that’s holy!” Bucky laughs a little breathlessly, latching his hand onto your hip to still your movements. You chuckle and repeat the action, despite him trying to keep you still. You look back at him, grinning mischievously as he growls, “Quit it or I’ll bite you.

“I’d like to see you try–OW! Bucky!” You smack his arm as hard as you can, but it doesn’t do anything to him. He’s still smirking above where he just bit your shoulder. “I’m telling Steve!” you cry indignantly, trying to push yourself out of the bed.

He laughs and holds you close to him. “You can tattle later. It’s cuddle time right now.” he buries his face into your shoulder and sighs contently.


This is my version of a taco salad, and it was leftovers from Saturday’s taco skillet. Extra lean ground turkey, zucchini, mushroom, peppers, low sodium taco seasoning, low fat cheese, topped with lettuce. DELISH! And success for low carb day! @flabby-to-fabby and @kendalislosingit thank you for the positive words/encouragement this morning!!

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royal pirates mv's in a nutshell
  • shout out (synth rock): woah floating pirate ship, funky effects and moon metaphors
  • drawing the line: moon gets slapped and hey forget this filming man let's all dance instead
  • drawing the line (band ver): fabby and hair flippy l'oreal advert ft. tiger print pants
  • seoul hillbilly: three weird but cute dorks go busking
  • betting everything (acoustic live): james singing and playing guitar and singlehandedly flooding the entire fandom with feels (which is kinda ironic bc he's playing by han river)
  • love toxic: moonsanova being a creeper ft. wingmen james and sooyoon
  • love toxic (performance ver): wOW SO MANY LIGHTS MUCH BRIGHTNESS