my analysis of fabrizio's fashion choices
  • fab on conan 2001:im gonna wear a red t shirt
  • fab at summer sonic 2003:im gonna wear a red t shirt
  • fab at tim festival rio 2005:im gonna wear a red t shirt
  • fab in 2011:im gonna wear black leather jacket????
  • fab at primavera 2015:im gonna wear a red shirt:)
  • fab at hyde park 2015:im gonna wear a red t shirt;)))

As Sue appears to finally have realized who’s meant for greatness on the squad, she’s shipping yours truly off to an exclusive cheer-camp hosted by no other than Varsity for the next few weeks. This can’t really be a surprise since I’ve hit the top spot on the Glist once again. Of course it’d be a shame for me to miss out on any performances, but after the curtains have been closed for the last time on Friday night – Lopez is out.


I was tagged by marcellestial to do that selfie thingy, so this is what you get (featuring my bro). I posted 5 because 5. 
I tag: misguidedxxxghosts impossible-logic starryghoststory gunsavvybookworm vorchagirl jessymessy901 codysizemore sparklyzales and any one else who sees this and wants to do it to!


Also. You NEED this dope T by Alexander Wang Strappy Tank Dress - comes in black too. Love that this sexy piece can look fab with heels to sneakers .. oh and it’s only $145 >>best summer buy catch it HERE