fabang photofic

Mike: Did you see the DC reboot covers?

Quinn: Last night, yeah - I’m pretty excited. It’ll be awesome t-

Mike: Pause. You like them?

Quinn: …Yeah?

Mike: Superheroes are crime-fighters, not fashionistas!

Quinn: But th-

Mike: Kara’s a member of The House of El, not the frakkin’ House of Gaga! I mean, come on! What is up with that leotar-

Quinn: Lower your voice, Chang! You know we don’t do this here, and you’re completely overreacting.

Mike: Who are you? I don’t even recognize you right now.

The thing that Mike hated most about being Quinn’s secret best friend was forcing himself to stand by and watch as she got hurt.

Especially since he knew that it could all be avoided.

As he watched Quinn, frozen in place on the dance floor, openly staring at Rachel, he wondered - not for the first time - how a girl that kept her emotions so heavily buried could possibly be so transparent.

And how the girl that boasted about her “superior intuitiveness” was nothing but infuriatingly oblivious.

Mike: So you finally asked Rachel out, huh?

Quinn: Yeah. She said yes. It was awesome.

Mike: Nice job, young Padawan. I told you everything would work out if we approached the situation as if it were espionage. All those spy movie marathons paid off. So where are you taking her?

Quinn: I figured we’d start casual - nothing too intense; just dinner and a movie. We’re going to see X-Men: First Class on Friday.

Mike: You sure that’s a good idea? I mean, you don’t wanna like, totally ignore her and it is X-Men.

Quinn: Nah, it’ll be cool. Rach said - oh shut up, don’t look at me like that - Rachel said she likes comic books actually.

Mike: Huh. What’s she into?


Mike: Quit mumbling, Fabray, speak up.

Quinn: I said; she likes Peanuts.

Mike: Oh for the love of Snoopy! Thank God it’s Wednesday! No time to eat, woman, we’ve gotta get to the comic book store! Your girl has a lot to learn.

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Quinn: Need a bucket for those tears, Chang?

Mike: I’m out of here!

Quinn: You were camping! Campers deserve public shame.

Mike: I was just taking a breather – Tina distracted me with her gentle Asian affection.

Quinn: Oh please, I was on the other side of the map and I still had time to creep over and own your ass. With a long range sniper rifle, no less. Take your punishment, Colonel Camper.

Mike: I’m not playing with you, Fabray. You suck – and my kill/death ratio is still higher than yours.

Quinn: Whatever.