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I have a question for my American followers regarding weddings: is it a usual thing that the bride gets to dictate what colour the guests have to wear?

I was always under the impression that the bride gets to pick colours/a colour scheme for her 5 billion bridesmaids and that the guests can wear whatever they want (obv not necessarily white or beige or anything that can confuse them for being the bride).
My sister in law is getting married in June and I might be in the in the United States in time to attend. And she wants people to wear ~purple~. While I love the colour as a colour, I can’t see myself wearing it. And there are so many shades of purple. Ugh. It’s just mostly an unflattering colour but if I do go, I’ll probably pick a super dark purple/plum or go with a pastel lavender.
Also the wedding is in … Texas. I’m already cringing to set foot in that terrible state again.

Source: Design Files

Burger King! In sequins! So tacky it’s fab. The work of artist Luke Temby. I completely believe that art can transform a space and that it should be an essential part of one’s house. Whenever I design a space I always consider where the art goes in conjunction with the lighting. Two things to remember if you ever take on a new house or renovation.