happy fabioh friday! messing around with an almost-there season 1 bakura outfit. i’m still missing a green collared shirt and the Ring.

what do you think, do i make a better ryou or seto? i love them both so it doesn’t matter! http://geneticcatalyst.tumblr.com/post/40848797668/friday-im-going-to-wear-my-white-trenchcoat


Featuring: Screwed went into an art funk for a little bit and came out with a different style yet again.

Why can I not art consistently??

(This is the most gorgeous, swooshy mullet I’ve drawn to date tho)

Well, I already watched the whole chapter. They made him more…um, narcissistic and vain. I mean Izana is vain, but localized Izana is SO much more. This one is also less serious (amazing ik), and…I’m not sure how to say it. I don’t mind some parts at all, in fact it made me laugh ‘til I cried. HOWEVER, I will still work with my interpretation from the japanese version.

10 Kpop Groups 10 Biases tag

I was tagged by @imaginesofkpopandthings to do this so here it goes!!

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Up10tion~  Wooshin   BW: Jinhoo

Monsta X~  Kihyun    BW: Wonho

Orange Carmel~ Lizzy

GG~ Taeyeon

B1A4~ Jinyoung   BW: Gongchan

Exo K~ Kyungsoo   BW: PCY

Red Velvet~ Joy

Infinite~ Woohyun 

UNIQ~ Seungyeon

Got7~ BamBam   BW: Youngjae

Plus one extra!

Exo M~ Xiumin   BW: Jongdae

I tag the fabulous people of tumblr @btyxs @kpop-scenarios-blog and @17brightstars ⊂((・▽・))⊃ have fun!!