fab sale


I have these 3 glass pieces for sale!!!!!!!

I lost my job recently, and have been searching with no luck. I have been in a deep depression struggling so badly. I have major bills to pay and 13+ pets to feed.. I’m trying to sell these to help me out!

Toke Glass has a hollow base, with a turbine perc. 18mm male joint

The Fab Baby Bottle rig has a 4 slit downstem, and a hollow middle making it a fabrege. 14mm male joint

And lastly my Starbucks dab cup with a 10mm male joint (nail not included!!!)

I would obviously clean it before sending :)



I have these 2 glass pieces for sale that I need gone asap.
I recently lost my job, and I’m trying to support my girlfriend and I and I’m trying to pay my mom back in time for thanksgiving for all the money I’ve borrowed from her. I’m in dark desperate times right now, and if anyone is willing to give me an offer on any of these pieces please message me.
One is a swiss baby bottle oil rig, and the other is a dank glass zong with 2 percs.
Please help me out.

A lot of consideration goes into the objects I make– even though they are deceptively playful. Working with local suppliers I can get all of my production scraps recycled and my packaging is designed to have minimal environmental impact. After that I have one design rule: only make things that compliment my collection of plastic dinosaurs.
—  Andrea Everman, owner/designer Owly Shadow Puppets