fab life of me


You ever wonder how things could be different if you hadn’t? If you hadn’t left this place when I was 16? Never saw much point in that kind of wondering.


guys, jeyne was never cut outta the show, but since sansa married ramsay she just went to china to become a pop star ok.

so like if you’re never met daveed diggs you probably think “oh what a sweet wonderful person” and i would like to confirm this is 100% true

forever amazed over the way The Beatles SANG.

if you listen to their songs, especially the ones that have a lot of continuous 2-3 part harmony, you’ll find yourself singing along with the best heard melody–the one that sticks out and is easy to follow and catches your ear.

But when you start really listening to them, you realized that this “simple melody” is actually being split between multiple singers: most of the time, Paul and John are sharing parts of the same ‘simple’ melody, weaving around each other and sharing bits of it. If you actually followed either one of their lines all the way through, it would not be as easily heard as you think it is.

It just speaks volumes to the way they worked together and performed together. They learned how to put their voices in perfect unison AND harmony, and were so smart in the ways they arranged the songs.

And the way they MATCHED. Most of the time, Paul is crawling all over the place, twisting a harmony line around John’s solid melody, but it’s the way they melt their voices together that amazes me. They used the same sort of pronunciation, the same vowel sounds, the same vocal rhythmic changes…stuff you’d hear in rehearsed choral ensembles, not rock ‘n roll bands.

Just…..The Beatles, man, The Beatles.

tbh if i were cristiano i wouldn’t just make a movie of myself. i’d also make a reality show of my life and it would be the only program y'all be watching on ur tvs cause i’m rich af so i can buy every tv channel so they only show me, my pretty face and my fab life