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Sometimes, it’s hard to understand how a planet can belong and be comfortable in the 12th house, but there’s a reason the planet that belongs here is Neptune: the 12th house hides and conceals the illusion and delusion of Neptune, meaning it can manifest without our logic and objectivity even realising.

“I’m Jack Spicer, Xiaolin Boy Genius—”

“Self-proclaimed genius.”

“No, it’s official, I took an IQ test and everything—”

“You cheated on that IQ test.”

Thank you to @lightningidle​ for the commission they drew for me!

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Stuff that need to happen at WTT

-Boyangman in an actual spiderman costume X  I forgive you for the spin you did at EX you meme lord

- Nathan in a polar bear onesie X come on! now I’m waiting for the twt update! You can’t get away from this Nathan!

- PoohLoco interactions (yes thats the name of the ship now fight me) ✓✔✓✔✓✔X10000 what the hell happened you guys went from friendly to HONEYMOON PHASE like WHAT

- Embarassed!Shoma but Cheering!Shoma ✓✔✓✔ Yeah mah boi even screamed for his teamates!

- Team France shenanigans ✓The Eiffel tower was the cherry on the top well done guys!

- No one giving a fuck about the scores NOPE come on guys it’s the end of the season you can chill (still haunted by Yuzuru’s face after SP)

-Tech controlers costume fest ✓ HELL TO THE FUCK YEAH

- Evgenia cosplaying✔ The return of sailormoon !

- Team Chants with the public ✓ not as much as I’d like but okay

-Team Japan stepping up their Team Spirit Game (come on Yuzu I’m counting on you to lead the shenanigans) ✓ Shoma in a pink bow tie, Shoma in a flower crown #BLESSED + PPAP REMIX VERS YOU GUYS WERE FAB!

-add more as you’d like


Not Over Yet: Chapter 23

A/N: I write based on my inspiration, and I was motivated to write this chapter before chapter 22. That being said, this one is complete and I am only to finish writing the previous one. Since we won’t have an update for a while, here’s a little preview of what I have!

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Preview Ch 23: Dust Particles in the Morning Light…

Historia is, to put it lightly, filthy fucking rich.

Not only does her father own a theater, but a stadium too. A damn stadium. Yeah. And that goes without mentioning the fact that she’s a successful ballet dancer that goes by the stage name of Christa Lenz and tours and performs regularly. Mikasa had never realized just how wealthy her small friend is, always viewing her humbleness as a virtue of, well, leading a humble life. But she understands now that this is not the case. However amiable and amicable Historia may be, she’s practically royalty among all of them. A speckle of fire in an army of coals.

They traipse through the night to their destination, talking calmly among themselves. Mikasa’s heels pound against the ground, her skates wobbling in her hands, the red scarf around her neck heavy with the added weight of Connie’s rose brooch. From head to toe, she is redesigned, molded into this creature of the night. She peers up at the sky and there are no stars, only passing planes and light pollution. She’s carried back by Bertholdt’s sudden announcement.

“We’re here.”

Here. At Historia’s family-owned friggin’ stadium.

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“Its always hard when people treat you different once they know”

Just letting you guys know, i can actually make full comics! Though theres a lot of mistakes (like me accidentally changing the colour of the kids shirt) and its a bit sketchy, its something new! I have decided im going to primarily make the comics the typical 4 panels though dueto it being easier and less stressful and they’d be higher quality 

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The dub IS amazing!! Everytime i tell someone i only watch it dub (except for the training of the dead ova) theyre always like "but its so bad bluh bluh" whatever, its awesome. I love all might's va, and bakugo sounds just as angry and I WAS SO EXCITE WHEN THEY DUBBED SHINSOU AND MONOMA. MY SWEET CHILDREN LIVE, DUBBED AND IN FULL COLOR.

Ikr?! It’s fabulous and each voice suits the characetr so perfectly. J. Michael Tatum is one of my favourite voice actors tbh and he makes an amazing Iida.

I get so excited whenever i see/hear Shinsou. I scream whenever he gets any screentime XD