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fresh fierce and fab ; a playlist of fresh fierce and fab girlgroup songs

kara - so good // stellar - sting // apink - hush // fiestar - vista // rainbow blaxx - cha cha // crayon pop - bing bing // purfles - bad girl // sistar - good time // beg - warm hole // fx - x // oh my girl - round about // mamamoo - crush // cheetah - my number // poten - go easy // dalshabet - bbb // aoa - short hair // bestie - excuse me // blady - come to me // boa - smash // ladies code - bad girl // miss a - i caught ya // snsd - galaxy supernova // 9muses - gun

You’re Mine

hello hello hello! happy weekend my children :D alpha scott cures all finals blues! enjoy! ALSO THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS?! y’all are totes fab just saying. also just for anyone who was wondering because we got a few messages about this but we write imagines/smuts for every fandom! not just teen wolf! we just get a bunch of teen wolf ones! so um yeah! have a fresh, fab, and fierce life dolls! 

REQUEST: could you do a Scott smut? (teen wolf) where y/n is talking to aiden and then he get flirty and Scott takes her somewhere and it gets all rough? thanks. (Sorry that was straight up 😂)

*Bell rings at the end of first period* You rush to your locker to grab your things before Scott came to get you for your free period. As you approached your locker, you saw that he was already there waiting for you. “Hey Scott!” you said  him. You were greeted with the face of one of the twins. To put it in the words of Lydia, the one that wasn’t gay. “Hey Y/N, wasn’t who you expected now was it?” Aiden said with a smirk. You rolled your eyes and silently willed for one of the ceiling tiles to fall on his head. Aiden was known as the school  flirt, as long as he had been in Beacon Hills. He flirted with anyone and anything that moved. Truthfully, you weren’t even sure why Aiden was here. Usually, he was with Lydia, ripping her clothes off in coach’s office or something. “So Y/N, if you’re not doing anything after game on Friday, maybe we could hang out?” As he said this, his face fell. He was staring off into the distance, at Scott who was flashing his alpha eyes at your general direction. He stalked up to you and Aiden and grabbed your arm, pulling you into the nearest room with a door that locked, which just happened to be the Coach’s office. 

He pressed his mouth against yours forcefully, trapping you of any escape. His hand traveled all over your body, one making its way to your ass, the other palming your chest in his large hands. You felt his length harden against your thigh. You gasped for breath as he moved his mouth downwards. “Um Scott…Is this how we’re spending our free period?” He responded with a guttural growl that made you wetter by the second. He dipped his hands into your shorts, earning a loud moan from you. “Scott, we only have a few minutes before we have to get back to class, do you think we could hurry up?” He agreed by quickly undoing his own belt buckle and sitting against the edge of coach’s desk. “Suck me off.” He said with his Alpha eyes on full glow. 

You knelt on the ground, and kissed the tip of which cock, licking off the precum at the top. Yo licked the underside of his throbbing member, teasing him. “Y/N,no teasing. We don’t have the time and I don’t wanna deal with it.” You sucked it until your cheeks hollowed themselves out. You bobbed your head, continuing to suck as he gave you moans of approval. You could practically feel his about to cum in your mouth and awaited for him to do so. “Y/NNNNNNNN” he moaned. You felt his hot seed travel down your throat, swallowing it whole. As you stood up to reconnect your lips with his, you heard the warning bell sound. “Well… I suppose we have to continue this later,” you said with a smirk. You grabbed your bag and walked through the door, blowing a kiss to Scott as you did. You watched him roll his eyes, chuckling to himself.