I love time travel/alternate universes, and I love The Beatles.

Let’s combine the two.

James Richards (a pseudonym) claims that on September 9, 2009 (yes on 9/9/09) he came into the possession of a cassette tape of a Beatles album that was never released. “In fact, not only was it never released,” Richards says on his site, “but it was recorded many years after they broke up (and no I’m not talking about Klaatu).” 

He claims that he was transported to an alternative universe one day after tripping and getting knocked out. A man named Jonas found him while he was unconcious, and in-order to help him, transported him to the Earth he was from. Jonas told him about all the similarites and differences between their Earths. The topic of The Beatles came up and James found out that in this universe, The Beatles had not broken up, in fact, they had made a new album.

Jonas showed him the tape and while he was looking away, James stole it. When he was transported back, he had the tape as proof. James has uploaded the songs on the tape to youtube.

The Album was called–Everyday Chemistry

HERE is his website.

He has the songs in MP3 on his website.

They sound like mash-ups of all The Beatles’ Solo work, but still a very interesting story.

  • [Arguing over whether to kill a bird for food or not]
  • Jet Star: You won’t be able to go through with this if I give him a name! He’s now… Kobra Kid!
  • Party Poison: [Gasps] That’s my brother’s name!
  • Kobra Kid: It doesn’t matter, Jet, we need food and you’re the only one complaining.
  • Fun Ghoul: I don’t like this either, it’s not a fair fight. Give the bird a gun, let’s see what happens.
Wacky Clap Moments™ with the Fab Four

•ghoul tying a drac’s shoelaces together and the four laughing at him until he started crying

•the girl hiding in the trans am, managing to get the engine started, and running over 3 dracs and a crow before figuring out how to brake

•poison and kobra finding an old stash of vhs tapes and answering all of korse’s threats with star wars quotes for the next week

•jet starting a fistfight with a joy who made fun of his hair, which the girl had just braided

•korse wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes and ghoul calling him “mr worldwide”

•show pony dressing up like a cheerleader and high-kicking a drac in the face during an intense and clearly choreographed rountine they were performing at the edge of the battle

•ghoul strapping fireworks to kobra’s arm to give him a super-punch, crushing both the drac’s face and kobra’s knuckles

•the four fighting off bli right outside dr d’s station and dr d broadcasting it like a sports game

•kobra driving the dracs and his crew crazy by making “pew pew” sounds when he shoots his gun

•poison glitter-bombing korse, forcing him to spend 200c to dry clean his coat

•jet telling ghoul that he’s too reckless, and ghoul blindfolding himself with his bandana to prove he could handle himself fine

•poison betting that ghoul would leave the blindfold on for five minutes tops, and kobra betting he’d keep it on til he or all the dracs were dead

•poison giving kobra ten carbons for losing the bet

•jet giving ghoul their entire supply of burn cream and the longest lecture the zones have ever seen

Fun Ghoul talks in his sleep. A lot. Most of the time it’s senseless muttering, sometimes even cute little noises.

But sometimes he’ll have nightmares, and then it gets scary. Party once came running because he heard him screaming things like “stop”, “don’t kill them”, “I’m sorry” and “no” over and over again, and thought Crows had come for them all.

It isn’t as bad when the girl sleeps with him. He loves her very much, and it’s easier when he feels a comforting presence–though she did once tell him he kept asking for his gun in the middle of the night.

The guys have agreed not to mention it to him, though they have a silent rule that someone has to go wake him up if it gets too bad.