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how cool is the banner?? pretty dang cool, that’s what!! so hi there and welcome to the final day of drew and i’s mini advent!!

day 4 is a bunch of misc stuff, ie stuff we love and we wanted to make and share with you! so! you get lots of stuff, including but not limited to fab carpets and floors, pixel beddings, lots and lots of maxis recolors, and a really great house to put everything in.

credits go to fab people such as ja, pooklet, azaya, nyren, hugelunatic, shoukeri, ctnutmegger, curiousb, and more, for without their lovely stuff we wouldn’t be sharing these. files are labeled and compressorized, swatches included, and appropriate meshes included! beddings sadly work best only on double beds at this time.

thanks for being here and being part of this!

download it all! happy new year! (edit April 19, 2017 with SFS link)

The Story of Shang Chunsong - A Girl’s Brave Struggle Against Adversities

On the 18th of March, 1996, a girl was born in the poverty-ridden village of ShiYanPing. Her parents, both construction workers working the most menial job, named her Chunsong, meaning the pine in the spring. Looking aback, Chunsong is such an apposite name for this tiny gymnast, who had represented China in the Worlds for the past three years, because just like how pine trees are known for surviving the frigid winter and the relentless blizzard, Chunsong has come a long way, surpassing one obstacle after another, defying all doubts and criticisms that are unnecessarily put on her along the way. 

Destiny has not put Chunsong on a fair starting point. Born in one of the poorest region in China, Chunsong is malnourished from the very young. She had a brother, six years senior of her, who unfortunately lost most of his vision since a young age. The illness was initially curable, yet his family could not support the medical fee. Nonetheless, albeit the lack of monetary satisfaction, Chunsong is blessed with one of the most precious things in the world - kinship. When Chunsong was 6, due to the remoteness of their house, Chunsong and her brother, Lei, needed to climb a treacherous mountain trail everyday to go to school. In the morning, since Lei could still decipher a vague image out of his bare vision, he would carry Chunsong on his back to walk miles to school. At night, however, Lei would totally lose his vision, and Chunsong would be holding her brother’s hand to guide both of them back to their home. 

In 2003, 7 years old Chunsong was selected to join the Gymnastic Centre in Yongshun county. There was no salary given, and a sum of money, huge to the family of Chunsong, was needed to be paid every month. The parents could not afford it, but Lei, then 13, decided to quit school to become a blind masseur to support his little sister.  Chunsong was touched. To her, besides the wish that she can one day become an Olympic champion, the most important wish to her is to cure her brother’s eye, as well as to buy a house for him. 

Chunsong kept to her promise. She began to receive salary in 2006, after she entered the provincial team. According to her coach, Xiong Jingbin, Chunsong was an extremely frugal girl. When there were occasions in which she could wore her sportswear, she would never buy new clothes for herself. It was only during formal occasions, such as an Award ceremony, when she would finally add a piece of clothes or two to her closet. Chunsong’s mother, Huang Youlian, also said that it was she who managed Chunsong’s bank account, and that Chunsong had never kept any money to herself. In 2013, Chunsong only asked 2000RMB from her family in total. It is due to Chunsong’s thriftiness, as well as her talent in diligence sports, that in 2013, she finally fulfilled the latter part of her wish - buying her brother a house. She had already paid the down payment, and is currently in the process of paying the installment. 

Chunsong’s families condition has made her to mature faster than any other children of their age. In a memoir written by his brother, which had garnered more than a thousand replies online, Lei mentioned that at a tender age of ten, when he went on a visit to the gym, Chunsong had already told him that “she will strive for the very best in gymnastic, so that Lei and the family can live a life of prosperity and wealth”. Chunsong had taken the full burden to pull her family out of the quagmire of poverty, and is determined to do so too. 

However, destiny has once again played a little fool on Chunsong. Because of the malnourishment at a young age, Chunsong’s body remained petite and fragile despite attempts by her coach to gain her some weights. Her health condition is not at her prime as well. According to her brother, Chunsong would catch a flu during winter almost every month, slowing down her training progress. Due to her petite frame which did not seems to match her age, Chunsong was often the target of mockeries, doubts or even diatribes on the internet. Certain insensitive people mocked at her slim frame, while others “righteously” questioned her age. 

Her gymnast career is also riddled with misfortune and missed opportunities. In 2013, her debut year to the Worlds, Chunsong entered the beam final with a difficult routine, but failed to calm her nerve during the final. It was a good opportunity, because many other contestants also had mistakes in the competition, but the gold medal still slipped out of Songsong’s hands. In 2014, weeks before the Worlds, Chunsong unfortunately experienced pain in thigh area. This reduced her ability to perform difficult tumblings on floor, and was forced to change her 3 ½ twist into a double-back with full turn. She also had a poor showing on beam during the preliminary, and with a questionable D-score verdict from the judges, she was unable to secure a spot in both the floor and the beam final. After the competition, medias captured Chunsong secretly wiping away her tears. It was only then when some people finally realised that she was just a 18 years old girl. Even a strong girl like her has tears to shed as well. 

Then, it was 2015. Insider information claimed that Chunsong was at her prime before the Worlds, a positive news for all her fans. But little did they know that disaster has once again struck on her family. A month before Glasgow 2015, Chunsong’s grandmother passed away suddenly. The family did not want to leak the information to her, fearing that it would affect her preparation for the competition. But news still somehow managed to come to her. Songsong was devastated, and did not partake in two weeks of training days before the Worlds. Her state also slipped, and in the qualification, she once again performed underwhelmingly in the beam event, rejecting her arguably the only chance of clinching a gold medal in the Worlds this year. However, it can be seen from her interview that Chunsong has matured even more. She calmly told the reporter that “she is now focusing on the enjoyment of the process (in the competition), and that all honors and glory will inevitably come to her, if she deserve them”. Indeed, in the all-round competition yesterday, Chunsong put up her best showing, obtaining a laudable fourth placing even with a simple FTY. In the interviews followed suite, she said she was contented with her result, and also congratulated Larissa, who surpassed her in the final rotation,  for her excellent performance. 

Chunsong, to me, is the embodiment of humility, tenacity and diligence. She is never proud of her achievement, even when she is hailed as the “3-gold queen in the China National Game 2013″. She is tenacious, for she rise out of the poverty using her talent in gymnastics and also used the opportunity to bring her entire family out of it too. When facing challenges and obstacles, Chunsong remains strong and uses her diligence and fab routines (6.6 floor and 6.7 beam and bars guys) as the best weapon of retaliation. 

I would also like to use this opportunity to urge all netizens to spread this story of Chunsong. I know that criticisms of Songsong, especially about her petite frame, are still going on pretty rampantly on the internet. I hope that by spreading this story of her, people will get to gain a deeper understanding of her, and hence stop their insensitive comments towards Songsong. 

All the best Chunsong, stay strong and hit your routines, just like the pine tree which always stand erect even in the coldest of winter. 

This article was written by me. Information from this data was collected on the Chinese Gymternet as well as her brother’s memoir. Credits goes to 浅_月 and  蘅芜依然 for the collection of information.