fab fifties


“It was funny for us scruffy little buggers coming in suddenly being ‘The Fabs’ topping the bill. Our act was basically the one we had been doing at the Cavern, except that our suits were getting a bit more expensive and by now we’d had a couple of hit records to spice things up a bit….We were suddenly mixing with all these people and thinking: ‘Hey, we shouldn’t really be doing this because, really, we’re just little slugs.’

George writing, in his indomitable style, about the early days of fame and Fabs in Fifty Years Adrift.  


This superb rhinestone bracelet was made by the costume jewellery design house of Vendome in the mid 1950’s in America.

Vendome only used the finest crystals and the best craftsmen.

Each stone is set with four prongs and these are all set by hand.

The bracelet is a very rare piece because of the colour of the rhinestones and the exceptional vintage condition. 

My aunt collected jewellery but never wore it.  I think I have the matching necklace and earrings somewhere here.

This will be for sale on ebay.co.uk on Friday under my username ‘flipping-yesterdays-treasures-today’.