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I’M REALLY PASSIONATE ABOUT MY IDEA OF A BATFAM WEBSERIES CALLED ‘KEEPING UP WITH THE WAYNES’, i talked about this on another post and i just. have to discuss all the ideas.

basically it’s a webseries à la the lizzie bennet diaries/emma approved/nmtd/etc. with the batfamily, the difference is that there’s no real plot. just the batfam members talking in front of the camera 

  • it was dicks idea. one day he brings out a camera and says that it might help them to bond with each other and after a lot of convincing they all agree
  • bruce rule is: NO FILMING IN THE BATCAVE
  • in the intro its dick and steph singing ‘nanananna BATFAM’ 
  • it took a lot of time to convince babs but she’s editing the videos. she agreed to do it because she can keep all the bloopers and extra material for black mail
  • steph tries to do a ‘manor tour’ once and gets kicked out of all rooms except for dicks. even alfred wont show her his room. so she ends up showing her and dicks room
  • damian is left with the camera one time and he films how he trains to beat up a puppet with the face of tim
  • he also steals the camera to film weird tim stuff. like him sleeping or him eating in his PJs and then tim hunts him down and swears for revenge
  • jason forces bruce to do a video with him and he plays the ‘BUT BRUCE YOU DIDNT KILL JOKER FOR ME’ card and then bruce agrees. but all jason does is explain memes to bruce 
  • babs steals the camera and takes it out with her and films a vlog with the birds of preys 
  • dick and her do the ‘my boyfriend does my make up tag’ and she thinks he’s going to do horrible but it looks absolutely amazing
  • five minute long footage of how dick eats cereals in the several episodes, all scenes cut together
  • cass gets her own ‘chat corner’ in which she talks about recent things she’ve seen on tv and discusses them, taking it a bit too seriously
  • she and dick acting out her fav tv scenes and dressing up
  • Q&A with jason and tim. question: jason, why did you try to kill tim? jason: bc fuck him thats why. tim: that is not nice, jason.
  • the batfam having a competition: they all have to prank bruce and film it and who manages to do it, is the winner. they all fail horribly but cass is the only one who can do it and wins
  • alfred talking about recipes and about other useful stuff like how to clean ur windows or how to fold your clothes so it is all neat etc.
  • dami filming titus
  • steph doing a clothing haul and its all in purple and dami comes in and is like “wtf is this fucking ugly purple ass shit” and steph gets up and HUNTS HIM DOWN
  • jason always starting drama and being the ultimate drama queen. 
  • dick puts up a hidden camera in bruce’ room one day to film him sleeping bc he thinks its fun bUT THEN SELINA IS THERE ANd oh no thats not for kids
  • sometimes other ppl are there too and get guest appearances. dinah, selina, bette, kate, renee, david, etc. 
  • kon and bart using their superpowers in front of the camera and tim is like “GUYS STOP WHAT THE FUCK”
  • cass doing a make up tutorial featuring her fab black lipstick and she looks rad as hell
  • them reacting to all the crazy ships the fandom has. dami is disgusted by the idea of jaytim
  • and many more things. just think about how cool this would be

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Introducing my first tumblr award!  Since I reached 2k, i’m doing a tumblr awards! 

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I’ve attended my fair share of industry conferences over the course of my so-called career, and one thing I’ve learned is that conference eats tend to run the gamut from meh to bleh. I’ll tell you what, the eats I’ve had today at our Arduino workshop in Torino have been some of the best eats I’ve ever had, like, even at a restaurant and stuff!

For the closing cocktail party, the fab eats spread featured an assortment of meats, cheeses, and breads, including lardo on focaccia, mortadella with mango preserves on toast, and prosciutto and melon. Seriously, so yum!

My North American colleagues and I wondered out loud how Italians stay so slim and healthy while eating such rich food, and our Italian colleagues were all, “We just know when to stop.” To which us North Americans replied by stuffing our faces with more food.