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Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1 @fantagraphics

Writer/Artist: Ed Piskor @edpiskor
What it’s about: A painstakingly researched and consistently entertaining history of hip-hop.  Volume one covers the mid-70′s through 1981.
How you discovered it: My friend Ben Marra (@traditionalcomics) has a pin-up in the back (plus everybody’s talking about this book)
Why you like it: Music and comics don’t seem like a natural match, but Piskor taps into something really elemental in this book.  It probably helps to know the songs a bit, but you can basically hear them coming out of the page.  Plus, the book’s energy and enthusiasm are totally contagious- if you’re not already a hip-hop fan, HHFT could make you one.  This comics just, like, vibrates.
Favorite moment: There are a few stories that weave through this first volume, but my favorite is the buildup to “The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel” (I also like it when another friend of mine, Michael Holman, makes an appearance)

Recommended by Harris Smith, production coordinator/social media editor

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simmingwiththetide replied to your post “Ahhh you love Keeping Up With Appearances?! Me too! I had to watch it…”

yessss to all of them! me and my dad watch only fools and horses too (that’s one of my favourites) and ooo also try out, blackadder, fawlty towers, the royale family, ab fab & the vicar of dibley! it’s brilliant and hilarious haha! �� they’re pretty much comedy gold over here haha xD

O_O So many to watch! I will definitely give all of them a look. *Most likely this weekend while I stuff food in my face* Can’t forget the classic Mr. Bean too. I loved finding those episodes on Youtube and watching him weird people out. I seriously just love British humor. It’s dry and sarcastic but it’s goofy at the same time. Kind of like me *giggles*