fab cake


And here they are! Tsuna is looking fab, and reborn’s cake figures are gosh darn adorable. Happy birthdays to them both! If you missed the previous posts, Akira Amano’s been posting KHR character birthday wallpapers on twitter. The Tsuna wallpaper can be downloaded for various devices here, and Reborn’s is here. Here’s Gokudera and Xanxus if you’d like them as well. Just click the link in the tweet and pick the device/size you want!
If she keeps going with these the next ones will be yo-yo dork Chikusa on October 26 and marshmallow lord Byakuran on October 28th. Look for them around then, I’ll post them when they’re out!

~Our flame will never go out~

Catherine et Pierre Breton Vouvray Pétillant Brut “La Dilettante”

You know… just dabbling in this wine thing… This is a lovely sparkling Chenin Blanc from Vouvray and it’s fab. Lemon, pound cake, and marzipan notes all over the nose and palate. Fuller and richer than standard champagne. Cheers!

4/5 bones


Chenin Blanc

12% abv

Vouvray (Loire), FRANCE

Throwack to the previous doodle about Nikolai’s birthday.
In here they’re doing a revamp, with a scorpion candle this time instead of fish candles… and with an *ahem* improved Fabrizio cake tray.

lol Julian seems pretty excited here… maybe cuz he’s getting a kick from seeing Nikolai’s reaction. Nick & Albert on the other hand look calmer & they’re blushing… they probably helped with placing the cake on Fab.

Also I love how Nick casually wears a flower tiara while the rest wore party hats.