Endless fairy tale AUs and other odd stuff Ivan Tsarevitch, the Fire Bird, and the Grey Wolf (all © to @russiancohle i did only gifs end etc.)

trailer time! meet the Grey wolf and co.

So are those memories?
  • ~As Reid begins to sleep a vivid dream comes into his mind. Reid as a child is present as a monster is attacking two elderly people while the village of Rasheans is seen burning~
  • Reid - A giant monster!
  • ~Reids father comes from behind Reid~
  • Bitz - Reid, what are you doing?! Get over here!!
  • ~Bitz grabs Reid and rakes him to the cellar of their home~
  • Bitz - Reid! Tell me. Did you go to Regulus Knoll?
  • ~Reid pauses for a moment before shaking his head in a childish manner~
  • Bitz - Listen. Stay inside. Father will return later.
  • ~Reid s shocked as Bitz closes and locks the door behind him~
  • Reid - Father?! Don't go!!! It...it's my fault. My...my fault. My fault... All my fault!! Father!! Faaather!!!
  • ~The screen fades back to the hotel, Keele is sound asleep as Reid quickly wakes up and gets out~
  • Reid - That dream again...
  • ~Reid enters the bedroom where Meredy and Farah are sleeping, only to find someone missing~
  • Reid - Meredy's missing.
  • ~Making his way to the hotel roof, Reid finds Meredy sitting with Quickie~
  • Reid - Can't sleep?
  • ~Meredy panics in surprise~
  • Meredy - Reid?!
  • ~Farah enters the screen but says hidden as Reid begins to talk~
  • Reid - I couldn't sleep, either. A dream about my father woke me up.
  • ~Farah steps further back in shock~
  • Meredy - Your father...is not here?
  • Reid - ...Yeah. He and my mother died when I was two years old.
  • Meredy - Mother and father not here. Like Farah.
  • ~Reid pauses~
  • Reid - And Meredy.
  • ~Meredy pauses~
  • Meredy - Hey...Reid?
  • Reid - Hmm?
  • Meredy - Does Reid have memories of father and mother?
  • Reid - Usually, I don't think about them much... It's sad, but my memories have faded with time. But sometimes I feel them. Warm, calm, like a light... Always protecting me. So I guess those are my memories... Ha ha... I... I don't really get it myself.
  • ~Meredy and Farah stop to think~
  • Reid - Hey, why are you so quiet? You're making me blush.
  • Meredy - So are those memories?
  • Reid - Huh?
  • ~Meredy places a hand to her chest~
  • Meredy - Reid's memories, Meredy understands. Warm and calm inside... Meredy has them too. So those are memories!
  • ~Reid pauses~
  • Reid - Meredy...?
  • Meredy - All right! Let's go back. Meredy is sleepy now.
  • Reid - Yeah. Tomorrow's the big day. Let's get some sleep.