WOW Can’t thank you enough! 173 followers…I remember when I stayed at a steady 9! So I drew me because I suck at gifts wow hah. I walk to school everyday so I drew me listening to my ipod and drinking my daily ice coffee at starbucks! I love Iced coffee but anyways I just got to 174 now thanks to radaradaradia!! Thank you! Also, I think it is odd because Aradia is my patron troll! okay I’ll stop talking uwu

thank youuuuuu

highlordmhoram said: Your face is excellent.

I am glad you like it. It seems perma-stuck in that thin-lipped “welp” sort of smile and someday I will look dignified for five seconds. Also, the hell with it. You’re now tagged in that post, if you’d like. Gimme pictures of yo faaaaaaaaaaaaace. 

If you want.