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The Wind Turbines

Over the last two weekends I’ve been up in the Adirondacks region of NY. It’s honestly so pretty up there, and full of natural wonders. So, of course, my favorite sight of the trips was manmade.

Near Ellenburg, NY, a town so close to Canada AT&T charged me international rates while I was there, there is a massive field of wind turbines. Most of the turbines are on farm land, but with public roads throughout. So, you can really drive through this field to your heart’s content.

I’d heard of giant wind farms, but this was my first time seeing one in person. It’s so difficult to wrap your head around the scale of these things. Each turbine is over 200 feet tall, and they go on for miles and miles!

I can’t even do the farm justice by breaking the FAA’s rules on drone flying height

The first time I saw this wind farm, it was the middle of the night. Driving down the road you couldn’t see much. But looming over you always were these red, flashing lights at the top of each wind turbine, going on for miles.

Stepping out of the car to marvel, all I felt was comfort and peace. The experience felt religious and so wonderful. Watching the lights atop those turbines flash felt like the ocean, the spinning blades literally the wind, the dark silhouette of these massive machines looming over on all sides. Really an experience to remember.

Of course, I had to come back during the day and see what this wind field really looked like! While not as religious feeling as viewing at night, you really get a sense of scale for this farm. It really does span for miles, it’s all around you, it’s sporadic and weird and strangely beautiful.

It’s really difficult to say what exactly draws me to these things, but I’m so happy I stumbled upon them.

You can see more of these wind turbines in today’s and an upcoming video!