When this lady used to work at a cafe, Kai and Taemin came during winter time wearing hoodies. She mentioned how there were a lot of cactus in the cafe. And also seeing Kai and Taemin doing scissors, paper, rock and making the loser poke the cactus with their finger.
—  Instiz.net - translated by
Non è facile essere timide..
ogni cosa che ti si presenta davanti diventa più difficile, e a volte complicato da superare. 
Non è facile fare un discorso quando si è timide, rischi di balbettare o bloccarti nel bel mezzo del discorso. 
Non è facile guardare le persone negli occhi mentre provi a dire qualcosa che sia concreto e con un significato.
Fa male..
—  troppotimida

Hi everyone! I’m hosting my first adopt auction with various characters of my own design!

The top half are going to be auctioned here on tumblr! 

The other half will be here on FA!

The starting bid is four dollars. The increments must be in whole numbers, and the autobuy is fifteen for one, and if you’re buying both the original and alt, twenty five for both!

Send bids to me in either ask or fanmail (if you have to send on anon, just make sure you put your username! And be warned, Tumblr does occasionally eat asks.) And please make sure to tell me which ne you’re bidding on!! They have identifiers underneath each of them.

The auction will end Friday at 5 pm! Thanks to everyone!