Avete mai avuto quella sensazione abissale di vuoto?
Non quel vuoto che si ha quando si perde una persona o una cosa che prima avevi. Ma quel vuoto che hai quando tu sei certa che quella cosa non esiste e non esisterà, è solo frutto delle tue idee, sei certa che la tua mente si sta prendendo gioco di te.
Ti illudi di cose che nemmeno esistono.
E così sai solo di essere strana, vuota, arida e disumana.
—  Nadia Atif
Mi manchi
non come ti manca l'ultima figurina dell'album, quella non l'hai mai posseduta,
Mi manchi perché ti ho vissuto
Mi manchi perché mi sei stato privato,
un po’ come quando manca l'ossigeno ai polmoni
o il sangue al cuore.
Ti sarai reso conto che queste cose non si possono mancare,
i polmoni senza ossigeno non possono respirare
e il cuore senza il sangue cos'altro dovrebbe pompare?
Sarebbero entrambi destinati a necrotizzare,
E tu mi manchi in questo senso
la mia anima senza te sta marcendo.
—  onlyletmewrite

“You’re hurt,” Tigress deadpanned, leaning against a lamppost with her arms crossed over her chest. She’d been watching him for several minutes, noting the way he’d take two steps, then try to move forward in a burst of super speed only to stumble to a halt and catch himself on the side of a building, sucking air between his teeth.

Step, step, zip, hiss. Step, step, zip, hiss.

It was almost painful to watch.

The Flash’s green eyes caught hers from where he was supporting himself on a mailbox situated at the street corner. He scowled at her and attempted to stand up straight, though it was obvious that he was favoring his right leg.

“Where’d you come from?” he demanded.

“The stork,” she replied coolly, moving toward him as he snorted at her answer. She tried not to look too concerned about his well-being as she skirted the mailbox and eyed his leg; it was twisted at a slightly off angle. Ouch. “Trouble with Grodd?” Tigress asked genuinely, frowning and wishing she had decided to pay this end of Central a visit sooner.

He could’ve used my help, and this probably wouldn’t have happened, she reasoned, cursing herself for the robbery that had distracted her on the other end of town.

“A little,” the Flash admitted. “But I took care of it, he’s going back to prison.”

“And your leg?” Tigress pressed, gesturing at the twisted limb. He glanced down at it, then back up at her.

“It’ll heal. Super speedy healing, remember?”

“You just gonna leave it all out of place like that?” Tigress asked in exasperation. Why was he so stubborn?

“I’ll take care of it, don’t worry about it,” he snapped a little, then attempted to move away from the mailbox. He yelped as he put weight on his injured calf and tumbled forward, and Tigress grunted as she caught his weight against her chest, his hands grasping automatically at her biceps for something to hold onto.

She made a quiet note of just how thin his suit was, the way she could feel his warm muscles shift as he struggled to right himself and get some distance from her.

“You were saying?” Tigress snarked when he managed to leverage himself away a bit. He was still close enough that she could smell the chocolate from a Lightspeed bar on his breath when he huffed at her.

“Fine, okay, it’s not okay, and I really need to set it back in place before it heals or I’m going to have to re-break it!” Flash whined as Tigress maneuvered him into a position where she could help him hobble over to the nearest bench. She deposited him on it and stood with arms akimbo in front of him, her lips twitching into a smirk.

“Lucky for you I know a thing or two about resetting bones, Flash boy.”


Mi è venuto in mente ieri sera, subito prima di addormentarmi.

Eravamo all’inizio, probabilmente nel periodo in cui spunta fuori la parte più dolce e romantica di entrambi (la tua ora si è rintanata in qualche angolo remoto, la mia invece non accenna a farsi da parte). 
Ricordo che appena dopo aver fatto l’amore, ci si metteva con la testa sul petto dell’altro, e si restava in silenzio, senza volerlo. Era bello, ricordo che l’unico rumore che si sentiva, era il battito del cuore.
Restavamo così finchè il battito non rallentava, ci ascoltavamo a vicenda anche senza parlare.
Ricordo che ci fu una volta in cui interrompemmo il silenzio prima del dovuto; io ero sopra di te, sentivo il tuo cuore battere veloce come ali di farfalla.

“Batte forte”
“Batte solo per te”

Car Update (+ other)

I think we found a good choice for a car! The unfortunate thing is that it was my grandparents’ neighbor’s car… and she passed away. She was a really kind lady, and I liked her a lot.

She didn’t drive it much though, which is nice I guess. But anyway, yeah! I should have a car this weekend and I’m really excited. 

P.S.: Sometimes I favorite things on FA that probably shouldn’t be mature rating, then you all can see it and it’s embarrassing. Hahaha

Ad un certo punto bisogna saper andar via. Io sono il tipo che vuol sempre restare fino all’ultimo, fino a che la festa non è finita, finché c’è vita c’è speranza, fino a che non mi dici chiaramente che è ora di andare. Invece dovrei imparare a sparire, a un certo punto, perché tanto alle persone piace sentire la mancanza di qualcuno, più della sua presenza. Fanno così: dicono che vorrebbero qualcuno che non se ne vada mai, poi lo trovano e sai a chi pensano? A chi non c’è.
—  Charles Bukowski