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hi kylie! i was wondering if you had any cute cheap outfits that will look cute for back to school. im just starting high school and want something that's cute but affordable. thank you so much! <3

warning!! super long post ahead




  • floral cardigan
  • knitted v neck striped vest (coord idea: + white blouse + skirt + mary janes)
  • i really like boohoo in general for cheap fashion knits! they have a lot of styles and there’s a 40% off sale that comes around every week or so + also free shipping to most countries over $40!







other coord ideas:

  • oversized jacket + tee + pleated skirt + sneakers / flatforms
  • rib knit + sweatshirt + overall dress + sneakers
  • denim jacket / cardigan + cute tee + skirt (basically me everyday, see here)
  • loose knit cami + tee + high waisted shorts
  • bomber jacket + loose collared dress
  • polo top + loose flared dress
  • long sleeve blouse + culottes + long cardigan

omg congrats for reading if you go this far! for other ideas, you can check my coord + ootdfashion advice tags which i guarantee will have some good ideas for school!

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hi kylie :) do you know of any sites with cheap clothes that don't have terribly expensive shipping to the US? i looked at gmarket but i had a lot of stuff in my cart (i couldn't help myself) so shipping was like $50... thanks!!

omg i know that feel, i once spent $90!!! on gmarket shipping alone…

anyway here are my recs :~)

  • boohoo - free shipping over $40 for most countries
  • mixxmix - pretty affordable, gets cheaper with larger orders
  • romwe - free shipping over $50
  • shein - free shipping over $30
  • store dog dog - free shipping!
  • strawberry blueberry - free shipping! + you can use my code ‘kylie’ for a discount

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yo @kylie could you rec some bags that i could use for school? preferably less cutesie and more would look nice with coords? i've had such a hard time finding nice backpacks D:

hey!! i hope you don’t mind if i publish this ;u; since i think it’d be useful for a lot of people

  • you’ve probably heard of them, but kankens are a popular choice for good reasons!! they’re available in a wide range of colours and they’re really durable and a good size for school imo. 
  • i recently found out about another popular line of bags called anello (and i bought one immediately lmao). they’re also quite simple and they have even more colours and patterns and materials than kankens, and they have a really functional design with a zipper on the back and large pocket in the front too. i will try to post some photos when i get it!!
  • another brand i’ve looked into before is mi pac. they have a nice simple design too, a bit more traditional backpack compared to the other too but some of their colours are really cute.
  • another pretty popular bag i’ve seen around is the i am backpack by 99bunny! it’s a really basic backpack but the cute embroidered text made it so popular. it comes in nice basic colours that can coord well and it also has the zipper pocket at the back.
  • for quite a few years i just used a black leather backpack - it goes well if you have to wear a uniform + can still be easily coordinated with your wardrobe since it’s a neutral colour.
  • another bag that’s really easy to coord is a simple denim backpack. it’s just a basic backpack, but it’s easy to match with a lot of things + it’s been pretty popular in korean fashion circles.