[ENG] 161120 KAvenyou - ‘Eat Sleep Eat’ Media Interview (Onew & Taemin)
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Taemin’s hair tho….

eel-nimeat  asked:

has jinki doted on taem since the beginning?? or did taemin grow on him before he started doing it. and like how big is the age difference..? how old are they?

So taemin is 20 years old and Jinki is like mid-40s lmao

And when taemin first started working there it was pretty normal, but Jinki is generally a really nice and easy going boss

Taemin just grew on him

He’s essentially the pseudo son that Jinki never had lmao

Jinkis just very concerned about taemin because he starts realizing how little sleep he gets and how much coffee and caffeine he consumes and how little he eats and he just

Wants taemin to be okay and take care of himself

So he gives him like a nice Christmas bonus and shit like that u know like he just wants his lil assistant to take care of himself

But I think the first time Jinki really realized that he has a soft spot for taemin is when it’s the first Christmas taemin has at the office like 2 months after he starts working, and he gives jinki this huge like box of chocolates as a Christmas gift right before he gets his lil week vacation

And then Jinki is at like Costco or some shit the next day and sees that it’s like a $40 box of chocolates and holy fuck that’s like almost as much as taemin makes in a whole day??? Why did he spend so much money on a box of chocolates for him???

And Jinki just

Makes sure taemin gets his Christmas bonus and when he comes to the lil office Christmas party, Jinki gives him a nice gift basket and a gift card and taemins fucking shocked like wtf

And Jinki just uwu

Realizes how sweet of a kid taemin is, especially when he says he’s excited for his vacation because he gets to go home and see his family and his dogs and he shows jinki pics of his dogs and just uwuwuwuwuwu

It’s a very cute office and a very cute work environment taemin loves it even though it can be competitive af at time and he’s had to fight off a couple other assistance discreetly for like extra lil work opportunities lmao

Hmmm I wanna write a college au where taemin is a college student and he has a lil desk job working as the secretary or assistant for jinki who’s a,,,,,hmm lawyer?

And just

Taemin works really hard and he always gets everything done really well and Jinki loves him

But sometimes taemin comes into work and Jinki can tell he’s very subtly stressed probably because he has a midterm that day or finals are coming up or he’s got a big paper due soon

And Jinki will just

Give him a light workload for the day and tell him that if he gets everything done that he’s welcome to work on any homework or study or whatever

And just

Jinkis a good boss and understands that taemins still an undergrad and trying to get his bachelors and just uwu

Taemin loves his boss also he loves the lollipops that Jinki keeps a full stock of on his desk and whenever taemin goes inside to give him papers or get his signature on something, taemin will snatch one and uwu Jinki pretends not to notice

Just uwu