Hindi pa tapos okay?Ilang araw kong iniwasan mag-tumblr dahil nga sa bawal pa akong pumunta kaya team bahay ako nung tsamu.So ayan pinagsama-sama ko nalang yung mga fs na kasama url ko.Iyan lang nahanap ko at di na umaasang meron pa hahahaha.Kahapon kasi nililinis ko blog ko kaya naisipan kong ipag-isa nalang.Seryoso limang tao lang nasabihan ko about fs pero dahil nga nasa list napasama url ko amazing hahahaha masaya na ako diyan.Thank you sa mga taong nahingian ko ng fs na sina ate ay-nah , chieesecake , reynanghugot and kina kuya nielxxxx , notyourkenji .Yung ibang photos nakuha ko kay ate Jelli sa facebook kaya if you want to check if nasa list ka rin click her name.Thank you rin po sa iba.Meron pa pala kay ate A na kinulit kulit ko hahahaha salamat ate mwaps .For 5 months na nandito ako sa tumblr isa eto sa mga magandang natanggap ko seryoso.

Harry Potter marathon!

Bago magpasukan, which is 2 weeks from now, goal kong matapos ang Harry Potter series. Sa ngayon, 3 na napanood ko. Wag nyo kong husgahan, pero isang Harry Potter movie lang napanood ko dati. Yung Chamber of Secrets tapos sobrang bata pa ako nun. Hahahaha. Pero ngayon, tatapusin ko na talaga lahat. Magiging Potterhead na ako soon. hahahaha

anonymous asked:

Hey could we have a ref of your sona? Just a question cause I'm planing something for you and need a pic of your sona.

Now as in persona I’m guessing me lmao oki why not (:

so I have many many ways I portray myself, so I will explain. I have very very dark brown hair that makes my hair look actually black, but in some lighting you can see it’s just a very dark brown. For my much simpler self portraits I use a lighter brown for my hair, but yeah, there’s many browns you can choose from. My eyes are brown so I just use a different brown than the hair, it just brings out more contrast. 

I’m hispanic so I just chose that for my skin color. For my clothes, just to make things less complex, I normally wear hoodies or jackets, but normally draw myself with a hoodie. I wear at least those three varieties of colors plus grey that I forgot to add. For my pants, I usually wear skinny jeans, or baggy sweats, or shorts. It doesn’t matter to me. Then I just have black converse, any color black, but I just choose a lighter black so it didn’t match the line art. 

Onto the differences. For the more detailed self portrait, I wear glasses. I don’t draw them on me much any more because I find it difficult to add on more expression when glasses are in the way. I drew myself with glasses a lot when I had my miiverse account and I had longer hair.

Yeah, I absolutely dislike my old long hair. The fact that it made me look more feminine was a no go. I stay gender neutral. I had more characteristics too. Like I wear a lot of hats. The colors were normally black/grey, but I lost them. There was one at the store that was this amazing nice color blue but I was too late to get it *cries* 

Yeah I liked my hat. But when it comes to drawing my persona, I tend to make them look as gender neutral as I can get it. Meaning I may make them look a lot masculine because no matter the way I draw them people come to the conclusion that I am a female. I am neither a female or male. I am a person. Gender neutral.  

I have a very dominate like behavior. It’s just me heh. 

Any tips? 

Honestly, for my hair just keep in mind that my bangs are on my right side, which makes it look like its on the left when it’s drawn, then for the rest of my hair? Draw fluffy scribbles and there, you drew me. I have very curly hair so its no big deal. Also for my much simpler persona, I don’t draw noses much, and if so, my noses are small and rounded (:


My persona’s appearance varies on my mood. I hope this was helpful, and sorry for the long post.

you ever briefly fall in love with a complete stranger you pass in public? your heart starts to race and for the littlest moment in time you picture your life together and it’s just for a minute or two but it’s complete love? well I just by a beagle and he looked up at me and wagged his tail