High school of the dead cosplay.  

Precision M-14s and the like are definitely filed under “cool guns I would never spend a dime of my own money on” thanks to the fact the inherent accuracy upkeep/maintenance of these guns, and the weight on them (esp with modern chassis) is nuts.

The bone stock SCAR-H will shoot circles around a M-14/M1A/M21… and be far more reliable and cost effective… much less the Mk20 SCAR variant

Seems to me that the fan boys of the M-14 family lineup have no real experience with it.  I actually have a retired SEAL in my office who played a big part in getting the updated M-14s into theater back in the early days of the GWOT, but even he doesn’t have a M1A/M-14 style rifle in his personal collection (I asked, for this photoshoot, LOL)