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So I wanna start watching anime and suggestions ?

Sewell because i havent watched a lot of anime I can suggest a few that  have watched one of them being of course COWBOY BEBOP MY ABSOLUTE FAVE (idk if you guys know that already)

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Terror in Resonance

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Ghost Stories (English Dub) I promise you you’re gonna get a hell of a kick out of this dub version

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The Wind Rises (My favorite Miyazaki Movie)

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When Marnie Was there (My favorite Studio Ghibli Movie)

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And lastly, Elfen Lied. Also fair warning if i haven’t stressed this already: The show contains very intense and even sad events. At several points in the series, there are themes involving sadistic experimentation, psychological torment, animal cruelty (just one scene, actually), bullying, loneliness, suicide, and bleak, depressing thematic material. I recommend this but just a warning

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Elfen lied

Lucy: i was an experiment, abandoned, ostracized, and left naked and restrained for many years.

Mayu: I was molested by my step-father and was kicked out, for my mother blamed me.

Nana: I was an experiment, was brutally tested on, emotionally minpulated, and had my limbs ripped off.

Kouta: I witness my father and sister get murdered by someone I trusted and have sever ptsd.

Yuka: I had a great childhood But kouta forgot his promise to me so I obviously had it worse out of all of you.