Team Lineup: The Dark

John Constantine

Zatanna Zatara 

Boston Brand / Deadman

Nimue Inwudu / Madame Xanadu

Alba Garcia / Black Orchid

Sir Ystin / Shining Knight

Rachel Roth / Raven

Amy Winston / Princess Amethyst

Not a Justice League, but the magical community’s equivalent to one. The Dark is a coven made up of some of the DC universe’s greatest magic users. Founded by Madame Xanadu to respond to crises that normal superheroes wouldn’t notice until it’s too late. John Constantine, Zatanna, and Deadman form the Mystic Trinity, while Xanadu and Shining Knight represent the older generations of mystic warriors, both being part of the Demon Knights. Raven and Amethyst are newer magic users, teenagers who can learn from their teammates and form connections in the magic community. Black Orchid, being a conduit for the Green and the Red, ties the team to the forces of magic in the DCU and offers a unique insight in those areas. Together, they handle the mystical threats that nobody else could see coming.