fa: cao cao

The greatest traitor has always resembled an honest man, and the greatest falsehood comes across as truth. Righteousness and evil cannot be discerned by their appearances. Perhaps in the past you decided wrongly about me, and perhaps today you misjudged me too. However, I remain myself. I have never cared about others misjudging me.
—  Cao Cao

Beautiful Cao Cao, as played by Jiang Wen in The Lost Bladesman (2011). The movie’s about Guan Yu, but Cao Cao steals the show completely. The film casts him in a wonderfully gray light; though his actions are sometimes questionable, he is very believably acting in the interest of his higher dream of a unified, peaceful world. How sad that he’s surrounded by people with more human frailties, and his vision is constantly frustrated by their failures.