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anonymous asked:

Hey, so about infinity train, is tulip trapped in purgatory?

Close, actually Infinity Train takes place on Mars but, unfortunately, a portal to hell was opened and Tulip has to fight her way through to close it. Everyone she meets is a demon spawn, so needless to say it gets pretty tricky. Spoiler alert: she eventually finds a chainsaw car and that really helps out a lot.


femslash aesthetics ♥ sansa x margaery

are we sisters? are we lovers? when i take her fingers between mine; watch as her mouth curls at the edges; feel as the universe shifts beneath us… we were queens.

a ranking of which fall out boy songs are best to fight to

my songs know what you did in the dark 10/10: DARK DARK

20 dollar nosebleed 10/10: brendon urie will be there thats p cool

thnks fr th mmrs 10/10: a classic, fight with your friends and harmonize

the take over, the breaks over 10/10: no way your opponent will forget about you

G.I.N.A.S.F.S 10/10: fight homophobes with your love for mikey way 

rat a tat 9/10: its courtney b i t c h 

twin skeletons 10/10: are you fucking kidding me ? that bridge? that bassline? lose your m i n d

west coaster somker 10/10: oH H E L L Y E S

young and menace 9/10: pro-you can’t not go fucking wild when the beat drops and your opponent will not survive, con-youre fighting other fob fans

dance, dance 6/10: youre a heart down you will not be able to fight

the kids aren’t alright 5/10: you can fight but its just you and your anxiety and youre losing

jet pack blues 4.5/10: the beat is good fighting material but the lyrics like…….pls come home

i dont care 1/10: youd assume this would be higher but like you wouldnt care about fighting so 

golden 0/10: cant fight when youre crying

kasiekat8  asked:

Is Tulip an actual Tulip? I have a theory that she used to be carried around in pots by one one but now corgis with teleportation powers do itm

Oh man, I really telegraphed that one didn’t I? She’s actually a lily that wanted to be a Tulip, so I she went to an old witch to have herself turned into a tulip. However, in getting the ingredients for the potion, Tulip found some eye of bearded dragon instead of eye of newt. Now she’s been cursed to walk an infinite train for the rest of her days, searching and hoping to find a way home (to her flower pot).

friend: yo let’s hang!

me: yes, let’s hang and discuss the complexities of Edward Elric’s character across the entire Fullmetal franchise and how even though each adaptation is different in a variety of ways, and Edward Elric always changes according to the circumstances he is placed in, at his core he still remains Edward Elric for the next 5 hours while drinking boba

Mikael skal få jobb
burde tenkt

Things I cannot believe from this video:

1. How fluffy Mikael’s hair is

2. How affectionate all the boys are with Mikael

3. That these boys have literally nothing better to do than walk with their friend to his job interview and wait for him outside the building during it

4. Yousef giving Mikael tips for his interview !!!

5. How excited they get when they see Mikael coming out of the building

6. How supportive these boys are

7. The important social criticism about name racism that is masked within their banter

8. Mikael’s Naruto run as he goes into his job interview

9. Their dope group handshake

10. That whoever edited it but in the “you are really dumb. fo real.” Antoine Dodson quote #iconic

11. No one can wear a bandana as hard as Yousef Acar does