Distractions (M) ; Hoseok x Reader

In which it’s almost like he wants to get caught.


smut, 2.2k words, hoseok/reader, highschool (?) au

Hoseok is…hot. And happens to be your classmate.

He’s the boy who pulls out chairs for the girls and is always seen flirting with them and then taking them out to shop or whatnot. He’s got nice hair, and you like it especially when it’s gelled up but maybe even more when’s got a snapback perched on it, backwards. He’s a fuckboy, yes, but he’s a nice fuckboy, who’s outgoing and sunshiney and hard to dislike. And dear god do you like him–it’s just that you never expected that, somewhere, somehow along the endless run of time, you’d end up like, well, this.

You’re sitting next to him in class, chatting, with nothing to do. And, oh, you’re dating him, too. You’re still not quite sure how exactly it all went down, but it’s been nearly half a year and you don’t think you’ve ever felt this thankful or happy. Ever.

“Wait, you guys are having a dinner party tomorrow? And Jungkook is going? And I wasn’t invited?” Hoseok pouts at you sulkily.

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anonymous asked:

I hope it's okay to message you about my little victory. I was making a Sims family of me and my friends and for the fist time ever I made my Sim "fat" It doesn't even make that much of a difference or whatever but... I felt really great when playing with "fat"me because I was just as awesome as when I made myself appear skinny. I know it's a teeny tiny little thing but it feels like the first step to accepting my fa(t)bulous self and I have you to thank! You're an inspiration. <3

no babe, that totally is an awesome thing and you should feel good about it!!! I felt the same way when I finally put my actual weight on my license. it’s such a freeing feeling. I’m a proud of you and your fatty SIM!!!