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hi kylie! i was wondering if you had any cute cheap outfits that will look cute for back to school. im just starting high school and want something that's cute but affordable. thank you so much! <3

warning!! super long post ahead




  • floral cardigan
  • knitted v neck striped vest (coord idea: + white blouse + skirt + mary janes)
  • i really like boohoo in general for cheap fashion knits! they have a lot of styles and there’s a 40% off sale that comes around every week or so + also free shipping to most countries over $40!







other coord ideas:

  • oversized jacket + tee + pleated skirt + sneakers / flatforms
  • rib knit + sweatshirt + overall dress + sneakers
  • denim jacket / cardigan + cute tee + skirt (basically me everyday, see here)
  • loose knit cami + tee + high waisted shorts
  • bomber jacket + loose collared dress
  • polo top + loose flared dress
  • long sleeve blouse + culottes + long cardigan

omg congrats for reading if you go this far! for other ideas, you can check my coord + ootdfashion advice tags which i guarantee will have some good ideas for school!

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hi kylie :) do you know of any sites with cheap clothes that don't have terribly expensive shipping to the US? i looked at gmarket but i had a lot of stuff in my cart (i couldn't help myself) so shipping was like $50... thanks!!

omg i know that feel, i once spent $90!!! on gmarket shipping alone…

anyway here are my recs :~)

  • boohoo - free shipping over $40 for most countries
  • mixxmix - pretty affordable, gets cheaper with larger orders
  • romwe - free shipping over $50
  • shein - free shipping over $30
  • store dog dog - free shipping!
  • strawberry blueberry - free shipping! + you can use my code ‘kylie’ for a discount
Avevo sempre pensato che se mi avessero detto ‘si è fidanzato’ mi sarei messa a piangere, o a urlarti contro, o entrambe le cose.
Avevo sempre pensato che a darmi la notizia sarebbe stata una delle mie amiche, con gentilezza o preoccupazione.
Avevo sempre pensato che non sarei stata in grado di sopportare così tanto dolore.
Mi sbagliavo, su tutta la linea.
Non andò così, ma in quel caso avrebbe fatto meno male.
A darmi la notizia fu una nostra amica comune che di amica aveva ben poco, e lo annunciò ridendo davanti a tutte noi, incredula.
Non potevo biasimarla, insomma non avevi certo scelto qualcuno che credevamo avesse qualche possibilità di stare con te, ma mi fece male vederla esaltata dal pettegolezzo.
Incrociai lo sguardo dell'unica persona in quel gruppo che sapeva di noi, e iniziai a crollare, ma non potevo.
Non dovevo piangere, non dovevo mostrare il mio dolore, dovevo partecipare alla notizia come le altre.
Lo feci.
Scherzai, dissi la mia opinione, rimasi lì a ridere con loro, con gli occhi lucidi e le macerie del mio mondo ai miei piedi.
Non piansi.
Poi ti vidi, e feci tutto il contrario di ciò che mi sarei aspettata da me stessa: scappai dalla parte opposta.
Scappai, e mi fermai quando la mia migliore amica mi raggiunse.
Scoppiai a ridere, poi iniziai a piangere e sorridere allo stesso tempo, infine tra le lacrime sussurrai 'va tutto bene’.
Ero diventata una sconosciuta anche per me stessa.
—  laragazzaconlafelpa

RichJLaverty made an all time FAWSL top scorers list.

Top 5 attackers:

Rachel Williams (Notts County) - 31
Natasha Dowie (No current WSL team) - 30
Toni Duggan (Manchester City) - 28
Eniola Aluko (Chelsea) - 26
Natalia (Arsenal) - 20

Top 5 midfielders:

Kim Little (No current WSL team) - 23
Jordan Nobbs (Arsenal) - 20
Fara Williams (Arsenal) - 18
Nicole Rosler (No current WSL team) - 11
Ji So-Yun (Chelsea) - 10

Top 5 defenders:

Steph Houghton (Manchester City) - 10
Gilly Flaherty (Chelsea) - 10
Kerys Harrop (Birmingham City) - 9
Dunia Susi (No current WSL team) - 8
Lucy Bronze (Manchester City) - 8

Here is the full list of all scorers

(as of 27/07/2016)

But like what the heck is in that Diamond Bomb? And I want to know more about it and the rebellion. Because it appeared in Same Old World and it has never been properly explained. How did HW build it and is the fact that they built it related to the dwindling resources, even thousands of years later? Is HW holding a massive cover up of some kind? 

And that’s probably what Greg was talking about in The Return, and the bit about how Rose could only save a handful of her closest friends. And did he literally mean a handful of gems? Was she only able to cover a literal handful of gems from being corrupted by the Diamond bomb due to her shield? Is that what Greg meant by “save”? Keep from becoming corrupt? Because gems never truly die.

I want to know everything about HW and the rebellion man. Everything. I have so many half formed thoughts and questions. Who made the Diamonds and why are they trying to conquer Other Worlds? And how are gems even created the way they are and why?