I was reading Bossypants and Tina Fey presents the question: When did you first realize you were a woman?

I set the book down and thought about it for a second. I had no idea. I thought, “Maybe the first time I got sexually harassed…"

I picked up the book and she said that most women answered: the first time they got sexually harassed.

Like, what the fuck, man. I didn’t expect that. And i wonder why some asshole trying to get me into his car was my first realization that i was a grown up. Fuck

‘The morning after’

Grumbling and rolling about in her bed, Nonon battered her eyes, rubbing them with her hand before looking up at the ceiling through her sleepies. 
Then it hit her, and hit her hard, right in the gut. Her stomach knotted up, feeling like it was burning on the inside from the mass quantities of alcohol her small body consumed. Small…. “Oh no…” she began to panic, feeling around only to discover she was back in her original body.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!” she groaned as the sun lanced through the window and into her eyes. The conductor rolled over to face away from it, nearly throwing up from the sloshing movement in her gullet.

“Fuuuuuucccck!!!” Nonon grimaced, despising the sore feeling she felt across her body.