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I finally feel free.

From you and from the weight of your thoughts and just everything you were pouring into me. I finally feel alive, the kind that your love was supposed to make me feel but instead I found it in myself. I finally feel like me, now that you and I aren’t we and there are no more chains stuck to my feet because now I finally see that this kind of free wasn’t made for us, only meant

for me.





Name moodboard: Kriya
                                       (for @2rice)

Bengali; Hindu; Indian. Meaning: Performance. In Kundalini Yoga a kriya is a series of postures, breath, and sound that work toward a specific outcome. Practicing a kriya initiates a sequence of physical and mental changes that affect the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.


I’m sure this song was used in a Supergirl episode (I think, Sanvers scene), but I can’t think of the scene and it’s driving me nuts. Please help.