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We have a number of awesome opportunities for sales, freebies, contest wins, and otherwise coming up over the next few weeks! 

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And we didn’t forget YOUR GIFT!

Come get your mitts on our new KITCHEN WITCH SPELLBOOK, priced at a whopping $0.00 because we love you!!

Ok you guys.

Ok, so as my gift from me to you during this holiday season, I’m doing free (one card) tarot readings for you guys tonight. Please make sure to follow the rules below so that headaches do not ensue, hehe. 😬😅

1-I have the right to deny any question if it makes me uncomfortable.
2-Please no questions about your physical or mental health. If you have any questions about these topics, please go find an actual doctor!
3-Please no questions that involve other people/romance, those are the types of questions that you should speak to your friends or family about. Or, you may message me and we can talk things through! I’m down to help people as long as you are kind to me!
4-If your question is on anon, please give me your first and last initials so that your reading will be more personal.
5-Readings will end at 12 a.m. Central Standard Time. If you send a question after the deadline, it will be EXTERMINATED. Since this is very little time, I may try and open readings again tomorrow or next weekend depending on my schedule.
6-This is not an actual rule that you must follow, but please note that I greatly appreciate feedback (it’s how I learn) so if you feel the need to tell me how I did, please either respond to the post or reblog with your feedback. Thank you!

Ok, the readings start now! Please follow my rules and happy asking!

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