160722 ○ ILAY_YI
Suho spontaneously shaking Yixing’s hand after he said that the members are hard workers

Yixing’s ment went approximately like this: Our members are really hard workers. Learning choreography is always really hard for me so I was really worried but thankfully the members help me a lot when I make mistakes.
EXO: We all make mistakes!
Yixing: Even so the members worked really hard so I thought they are so cool.

TG:re 86 Spoilers

***Due to Baidu spoiler providers asking that people do NOT repost their images outside of their site, I am posting descriptions of AND links to the spoiler images INSTEAD OF reposting them.***

SPOILER IMAGE 1: Kaneki looking BAMF with the lower half of his face covered and kakugan out.

SPOILER IMAGE 2: Zero Squad fighting Kiyoko!