Well first of all, this was much harder than I though it would be. So many great blogs entered and it was super difficult sorting through them. Secondly, I added three extra catergories because I could. Thank you, congratulations and I love you all ♡ 

best url

winner: @autumnjensen
runners up: @beekeeper-cas @sassydean @loveforjared

best icon

winner: @casdeanchronicles 
runners up: @mycocklestiel @prettiestmisha @preciousmish

best theme

winner: @unafraidcas 
runners up: @nutmegmish @nerdnovak @seraphmisha

best mobile theme

winner: @dirtymish 
runners up: @byesexual-dean @royalrowena @toffeemish

best domain 

winner: @dammitjensen
runners up: @angelicdmitri @deathstiel*

best posts

winner: @casify 
runners up: @castielkrushnic @pollencas @castasticallydean

best cas/misha blog

winner: @mishacastiel 
runners up: @mishaakf @toopreciouscas @dreamilymisha

best dean/jensen blog

winner: @winvhesters
runners up: @feathereddean @charmingcasticl @clarencegrace

best sam/jared blog

winner: @plaidpadalecki  
runners up: @deansleather @possesstiel @samgrinchester

best destiel/cockles blog 

winner: @bubblemish 
runners up: @destielonfire @onceuponadestiel @mishcollins

best original content (fics) ☆

winner: @blissfulcastiel
runners up: @angvlicmish @angelecas

best original content (graphics) ☆

winner: @galaxystiel
runners up: @ackleholics @malevolent-dean

best rising blogger

winner: @suliistya  
runners up: 
@glowingdean @winchesterdorks

nicest blogger

winner: @loveitsallineed 
runners up: @autvmnackles @desthell

best overall

winners: @firestartercas @deanscolette
runners up: @amorecas @winchestre*

my personal fave

winner: @prettyboydean  
runners up: @dmitricas @diestiel

honorable mentions 

@thecobaltbluetie @princessjimmynovak @beecelestiel @precariousfaith 
@lividcolors @wanderingcas @smoresmish @caswayward @thatsjusthoping @samwinchestershipsit @demonofcrossroads 
@coffinstiel @snvgglymisha @simplemanackles 
@wonderlustcas @i-enjoy-frisky-angels-named-cas 
@caelumsam @hotdiddlydean @huntersheaven

(*two of you didnt follow me but i didnt care) 

reminder of what you won under the cut  

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