I thought he was trying to say that the seats are not gonna be comfortable XD



sm entertainment has announced the release of sm station: season one, a compilation album of the fifty two songs released during the first season of digital music project, station, between march 2016 - january 2017. the album will be released both digitally and physically on april 6th at 12pm kst. the physical edition will include five discs, and a photobook featuring a behind the scenes look at all of the songs released. (source)

Another little quick though from reading WW2 documents

So the British used to have a saying about the Americans during WW2 that they’re  “Overpaid, oversexed and over here!” The were talking about the fact that The American soldiers made a lot of money so the girls would flock to them and they were obviously in Europe. So I was wondering just how much money they made. I did a bit of research and each time they got paid the average solider with no wife or kids back home stationed overseas got $540. Now I’m not sure how often they got paid, I’m sure it was a monthly thing. $540 doesn’t seem like much, but that was in 1942, in 1942 $540 was $7,951. It said yearly they could make 3,600+ give or take a few things I’m sure and 3,600 during the 40′s was $53,000. That’s a lot of fucking money….

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I wanna draw fan art of mod klance! or just the mods in general do you have any references?

ARE YOU SERIOUS I WOULD DIE FOR YOU!! Anyway, I haven’t posted any pics of myself irl but I have drawn myself?? here’s the tag for it (warning i haven’t done an updated drawing of me in a while so it’s kinda shitty).  Mod Allura has a youtube channel here and I’m not sure about Mod Lance or Pidge

- Mod Keit