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Something I just now noticed and I don't know why, Jared's scarily good at arching his back when he pokes his ass out.

Anon #2:  I love how at Torcon Jensen imitated Jared by poking his ass out, and then slapped Jared’s ass afterwards. They’re so gay.



I think we can all confirm that the J’s (mostly Jared) have an obsession with the male ass. I would like to point something out that the J’s did at Torcon this year!

Look at this picture below.

Now no one can tell me if you don’t switch Jared’s body around to where he would basically be sitting in Jensen’s lap that it wouldn’t look like a sex position LOL! I mean all the “parts” lines up perfectly. Almost like they’ve had sex in a similar stance like that before.

And yes, Jared seem’s to have perfected the “arch” quite well. Possibly because Jensen tell’s him to arch his back when they f*cking.


- K