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MOCKINGJAY PART 2 ( 2015 )  sentence starters

  • ‘ give me one reason why i shouldn’t kill you.  ’
  • ‘ did you have a nightmare? i have nightmares too. ’
  • ‘ don’t trust them. do what you came to do. ’
  • ‘ are you still trying to protect me? ’
  • ‘ our lives were never ours. ’
  • ‘ they’re afraid of you. ’
  • ‘ anybody can kill anybody. you just have to be willing to sacrifice yourself. ’
  • ‘ it’s war. sometimes killing isn’t personal.’
  • ‘ we keep each other alive. that’s what we do. ’
  • ‘ i’ll say this for you, you don’t disappoint. ’
  • ‘ home. we go home. ’
  • ‘ nothing good is safe while ____’s alive. ’
  • ‘ one way or another this war is going to come to an end. ’
  • ‘ it’s not your job to ask questions. ’
  • ‘ i’ve been watching you. and you’re watching me. ’
  • ‘ i guess there are no rules anymore about what a person can do to another person. ’
  • ‘ oh, that speech you gave. oh, man. i mean, i still have goose bumps.  ’
  • ‘ he needs to see my eyes when i kill him.  ’
  • ‘ we’re facing an enemy that will not change and will never surrender.  ’
  • ‘ and if it really came down to it, you think you could shoot him/her? ’
  • ‘ if your immediate answer isn’t “yes," then you’re dangerous. ’
  • ‘ they promised me that when the time came, you would help me.  ’
  • ‘ if it gets to that point, i’ll kill you myself.  ’
  • ‘ we’re gonna get through this. i promise. ’
  • ‘ everyone that’s dead is dead because of me. i lied. ’
  • ‘ i never meant for this to happen. i failed. i… ’
  • ‘ she/he needed you to be there and take care of her/his family and you did.  ’
  • ‘ no, i’m not losing you again. ’
  • ‘ shoot me! ’
  • ‘ you really think i gave the order?  ’
  • ‘ i’m afraid we’ve both been played for fools.  ’
  • ‘ all I know is that i was supposed to take care of your family. i’m sorry i couldn’t. ’
  • ‘ it balances the need for revenge with the least loss of human life. ’
  • ‘ may your aim be as true as your heart is pure. ’
  • ‘ i’m sorry so much burden fell on you. i know you’ll never escape it. ’
  • ‘ if I had to put you through it again for this outcome, i would. ’
  • ‘ you came home. ’
  • ‘  we’ve all suffered. but we owe it to their memories to do our best with these lives. ’
  • ‘ i hope you're finding some peace. ’
  • ‘ but there are much worse games to play.  ’

It’s like being home again, when they bring in the hopelessly mangled person from the mine explosion, or the woman in her third day of labor, or the famished child struggling against pneumonia… Now is the time to run away into the woods, to hide in the trees until the patient is long gone and in another part of the Seam the hammers make the coffin. But I’m held here… by the same force that holds the loved ones of the dying. How often I’ve seen them, ringed around our kitchen table and I thought, Why don’t they leave? Why do they stay to watch?

And now I know. It’s because you have no choice. 

Harry Potter/The Hunger Games cross over

↳ Hermione kills Katniss in the 74th Hunger Games

I can’t keep running. Exhaustion is setting in and her speed is deadly while mine is slowing rapidly. I don’t even want to mention the bow she carries. She seems eager to gain the opportunity to use it. I’d have to face a situation like this sooner or later anyway. I suck in a breath and allow myself to turn for a moment. “Confringo!” I shout the first spell that comes to mind at my pursuer with a quick flick of my wand. A blast of fire erupts from the tip and hurls toward the girl from what they call District 12. My heart sinks as I stop and see the fear in her eyes before the mass strikes her. The boom of the canon immediately follows the fire-y explosion.