f; the hunger games

So I did a Kpop Hunger Games Simulation...


  • Nct’s Mark Lee and Chenle
  • Twice’s Momo and f(x)’s Amber
  • Suju’s Heechul and Leeteuk
  • All 98 p101 boys and Chanyeol’s dog, Toben
  • Vixx’s Leo and N
  • Exo’s Xiumin and Suho
  • Seventeen’s Jeonghan and Seungkwan
  • Lee Soo Man (SM) and YG
  • Got7′s Bambam and their dog, Coco
  • Red Velvet’s Yeri and SM’s cloud practice room
  • Winner’s Jinwoo and 2009 Shinee
  • KrisTaoLu and Blackpink’s Lisa

Kill Order (cause of death):

  • Coco (killed by Chenle)
  • N (killed by Bambam)
  • Chenle (pushed off of cliff by 2009 Shinee)
  • Heechul (wolf mutt’s)
  • Leeteuk and Bambam (wolf mutt’s)
  • Mark Lee (wolf mutt’s)
  • KrisTaoLu (wolf mutt’s)
  • Seungkwan (wolf mutt’s)
  • Lee Soo Man (wolf mutt’s)
  • Amber and Yeri (wolf mutt’s)
  • 2009 Shinee (wolf mutt’s)
  • YG (hypothermia)
  • Jinwoo and Jeonghan (killed by Xiumin)
  • Lisa (Throwing knife to the face via Momo)
  • All 98 p101 boys (Toben)
  • Sm’s cloud room (falls from a tree)
  • Suho (killed by Leo)
  • Momo (tried to poison Xiumin but poisoned herself instead)
  • Toben (wolf mutt’s)
  • Leo (killed by Xiumin)

The Winner is Xiumin!



A trailer depicting the story and motivations for the mercenary character.

Fear & Hunger is an indie horror/j-RPG/roguelike currently in development. Go check out the teaser demo that can be found from tumblr and itchio among other places! The next major update to the demo is scheduled for late august… hopefully :P

  • Baby: f-f
  • Father: Oh my god, he's gonna say father!!
  • Baby: f-f
  • Father: Come on son, let it out
  • Baby: f-finnick odair is such an underappreciated character who won the hunger games at age 14 was prostituted at age 16 and on top of that he couldn't be with the woman he loved and was reaped for a quarter quell with a woman who was like a mother to him and his friendship with katniss was truly important because he is truly the only one who can understand what she was going through they both felt like they had let down their loved ones down and honestly I hate that the movies cut down so much of their friendship and I hate in general how little we get of finnick odair in general like he deserves better and we deserve better and he's such a kind and selfless soul despite all that he's been through like he literally sacrificed his life for the rebellion so millions of people could be saved and the fact that he went though hell and back just to protect annie is so like he loves her so much and the level of love and intimacy the two share in their relationship is unreal and I'm forever disappointed that we didn't get a lot more of them in the movies because their relationship is so unlike any other relationship I've ever seen and the fact that he didn't even get to see his son or even find out that he was gonna be a father and he didn't get his happy ending with annie which is all he ever wanted and he deserved the freaking world and finnick odair is just really underrated, you feel me?
  • Father: ...

➹ Galeniss Week : Day Three | QUOTES.

“I could feel my eyes tearing up and my throat starting to close the way it does when I get upset. Then I looked up and there he was, ten feet away, just watching me. Without even thinking, I jumped up and threw my arms around him, making some weird sound that combined laughing, choking, and crying. He was holding me so tightly that I couldn’t see his face, but it was a really long time before he let me go and then he didn’t have much choice, because I’d gotten this unbelievably loud case of the hiccups and had to get a drink.”