crazy idea

and prolly wrong, but…

i cant’ help thinking that this “post-canon content” is setting up hiveswap

we got jake remaking Skaianet (just like Grandpa Harley)

we got at least one ectoclone baby… 

that looks awfully similar to joey

and we STILL have little green aliens with time/space powers fucking with the plot

so, yeah

im hella suspicious this is leading into the game

How did this kid know to dress up as Harry Potter back in 1921? Magic!

Two boys dressed in costumes, one in a long dark robe, ruffled collar and conical hat holding a leash connected to the other boy who is squatting, dressed like a goose. Paper cutouts of kids playing are on the chalkboard. Room has wooden floor and door in the back. Handwritten on front: “Bishop School, May, 1921.” Stamped on back: “Harvey C. Jackson, Photographer, Cherry 6054-M, 2614 Beaubien St. Detroit, Mich.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

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It’s been 4 years since I sold my soul to the Gorilla, so I decided it was time to redraw the first Gin-chan I’ve ever did~ idk if I really improved or if I just changed my drawing style O )-( O so, which Gin-chan you like more?