we’re Really Quite Poor and also we can put this shit on our CVs and pose as sartorial entrepreneurs so do us a favour and REBLOG & TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

P.S. our Liberté Égalité Bisexualité t-shirt is still our proudest achievement (including our degrees). 

@KathleenNB: Apollo Creed, enjoying the new issue of @corduroymag (featuring an intv w. @AaronTveit, written by yours truly.) It’s on stands now! (x)

From Issue 11 of Corduroy Magazine - available here!


*Waves* Hii! :)

It’s been a while and I’m sorry for disappearing so bluntly ;-; School’s been keeping me busy by having me take 3 tests a week of the content we have discussed in class and we need to pass 9 out of the 12 tests in total, so that’s what’s keeping me busy these weeks ._.

I haven’t been able to read anything, let alone wanting to play a game that’s laggy and takes 124634 hours to load .-. 

ANYWAY, I’m definitely not back but I’m trying to play sims whenever I have time and I made this cutie from my base sim, which was weird but worth it because look at her 8_8

I hope everyone’s having a great day or had one and will have one tomorrow ;)

*tunes out for 9 weeks*

20 Days OOTD Challenge~

This sim’s inspired by Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.

1.  General aesthetic of your sim style
2.  Inspired by a real clothing brand

3.  A sim wearing only your favorite color
4.  Fall inspired
5.  Blast from the past!
6.  Urban street style

7.  Punk

8.  Inspired by a fictional character
9.  Witchy
10. Beauty guru look
11. History revisited
12. Fantasy
13. Based on another game
14. Preppy
15. Aliens/Scifi inspired
16. Country chic
17. Rainy day
18. Back to school
19. Based on a superhero/heroine
20. Based on your own style irl.

Navigating by Touch

Title: Navigating by Touch
Author: chocoholic2
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 21020
SummaryThey come together, navigating by touch, and it’s all too fitting because they were so blind to this for so long.
The evolution of a relationship, from friendly fist bumps to so much more.

Most memorable line: “It’s funny when you’re the one telling me to put on clothes.”

Hatching a Plan’ -  Watercolor, sepia ink + dip pen, white ink, paintshop

Commission of Cognitive’s OC, Coop, from Flight Rising http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=9199

I’m really getting into the autumn mood (despite the current heat where I live) and seriously considering participating in Inktober! It seems like so much fun and I’ve missed it for the past few years :D

(Commission info: http://odditorium.deviantart.com/journal/20-Watercolor-Upper-Body-Commissions-OPEN-633143638)

So Mark said the others are on vacation but he isn’t cause if he wanted to go home, he’d need to go to LA. But then he still brings out Jinyoung? Are you guys spending your vacation together…or? xD