Future Boyfriend, Sing this to me, please <3

First Post!

So still figuring out how tumblr works, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

It’s 5:25am right now in Chicago, staying up late so I can sleep in because I work the midnight shift later on. Watched a few movies tonight, one I’ve never seen, and one I have.

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Easy A, starring Emma Stone, surprisingly I liked it.  She was very charming (and hot) and yeah, I liked how the movie was handled.

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Also watched The Wedding Singer. A movie made in the 90s about the 80s, love it.  Most people will tell you Waterboy or Big Daddy are their favorite Sandler movie, sorry, mine is Wedding Singer.

Anyway, still working out some kinks on here, but hopefully will get it up and running full blast!  Next post I want to do a overhaul of 2010 movies I saw, surprisingly there were a lot I saw.  I did 2009 movies last year on my livejournal (you can view here), but no one reads that thing, which is one reason I’m switching over to tumblr!

So here’s to a new blog! cheers!


I wanna grow old with you

Every time you see his face you get annoyed,
And if ignorance is bliss, he’s overjoyed.
And can we talk about that stuff he calls his hair?
But what would happen if one day he wasn’t there?
You’re caught by surprise,
Could you wake up one day and realize
The one that you want is right in front of your eyes?
Every night a hundred guys come through the door.
They take your breath away each time they take the floor.
And they’ve got the bucks, the tux, the killer face,
But you’re still thinking of that jackass with the bass
—  The Wedding Singer

starter call | @weddingsinger

   “– hm?”

His nose is so deep into this magazine it’s in danger of poking through to the other side.

   “Oh, ya, of course,” The thoughtful click-pop-click-pop-click-pop-click-pop of Orson absentmindedly capping and uncapping his pen has been going for a solid five minutes now. He caps it one last time, and perches it behind his ear with an apologetic smile. “Gotcha. No more clickin. Sorry about that.
   – you know anythin about crosswords though, pal?”