Imagine: You, a witch, meeting Derek in the woods, and then seeing him again in the most unfortunate of circumstances. [x]

Last time…

…As you walk out into the safety of the brightly lit road, you have on odd sense of calm wash over you. Whether it was from meeting Derek, or something else, you felt calm. And for some reason, you had a feeling you would being seeing Derek again.

    And, if Derek had anything to do with, you would definitely cross paths again soon…

Present day…

But, yours and Derek’s paths remained uncrossed. In fact, it seemed as if they were heading further and further away from each other with each passing minute. While you tried to take your mind off of Derek, everything seemed to remind you of him. Despite all the things you had to attend to -all the herbal remedies you had to mix for locals, all the spells you had to complete- your mind kept wondering back to that handsome werewolf you had met three days prior…

Part 1: >>The Witch In The Woods<<
Part 2: >>The Werewolf In The Walkway<<

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“Yeah, they’re uh, kind of different, but they’re family.”

“Well from what you’ve said about them, maybe I could meet them some day?”

“You and Scott would get along really well, I can tell.”

“Let me know when you’re in Beacon Hills, I’ll come down, we’ll make a whole event out of it.” You both laughed, looking out onto the morning sun rise in quiet content.

lol Holland stans are making a big deal about Holland apparently getting “pushed” when Melissa said she’s totally fine and trying to trend #WeLoveHollland with lies about her being “pure and nice” OKAY….

Even if she was pushed I wouldn’t give a fuck. She’s too problematic for me to even care. I can’t even feel sorry for her.