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my favorite bits of star trek are definitely when the characters reveal what enormous Nerds they are. don’t let the hotness and muscles fool you, these were the biggest nerds in their fields. when they nerd they nerd hard

*red alert goes off*

Jim, opening his eyes wide: I’M GONNA BE LATE FOR CLASS

Jim, 10 seconds later: oh wait I’m 33 *goes back to sleep*

*a moment passes*

Jim, suddenly sitting straight up: THE RED ALERT IS GOING OFF

Jim, 6 seconds later: oh wait that’s the captains job *goss back to sleep*

*a moment later*

James Kirk, .2 seconds later, violently vaulting himself out of his bed: I AM THE CAPTAIN

BONUS: Spock who remembers that they’re both on leave and are in fact on a vacation and are simple civilians, laying in their bed: *snore*


The real Turnabout Intruder in this episode is that McCoy’s being a hardass about science and logic while Spock is hooked on a feeling

(Scotty must be losing his mind)

Star Trek and Gender

Hey, fellow trekkies, I’m gonna hold a presentation about Star Trek and Gender soon and need your help!

What are some episodes that come to mind that are about gender and genders or where gender features a large role in the plot and character development? Where were things and people maybe unnecessarily gendered?

Any and all shows are welcome, and so are scenes from movies. I’m especially looking for moments where the embodiment of gender was of importance (for example, the Borg used to be a genderless species but were gendered by the appearance of the Queen, yet their actors until then were all male and their agenda stereotypically masculine). And I’m very interested in finding connections between body ability and gender, so please hit me up with suggestions about disability in episodes too.

My eternal thanks for every help, and I hope to spark some interesting discussions too! I’ll be happy to write down the major points of my research and presentation too and point you to scientific literature if you’re interested!

Reblogs are very much appreciated. ❤