So Rumple emailed Belle the spell translation? How would that email chain even GO?

Dear Professor Notrumple,

Thank you for responding so quickly to my electronic missive!!!! :-) :-) :-). I didn’t think anyone knew Ancient Lemeurian. It’s a good thing I saw your contact information on your Page of Internets, HowToFreeFairiesFromHats.com. Attached is a picture of the original spell.

Belle Gold French Gold *sob*

P.S. Don’t forget the free kitten you promised with every translation!

Dear Beautiful Belle,

As an Oxford professor who is totally not your husband, I am an expert in translating magical scrolls involving freeing demons— I mean, fairies from hats. Here is the spell that you should give to Reg— I mean, a translation that was historically used by sorcerers. So I hear. From books, because I am a professor. From Oxford. Not your husband.


Kittens are cute, goats are hairy
Bibbity bobbity free those damn fairies
Eye of newt and ear of hog
Also free one Chernabog
Nail of sloth and beak of hen
Don’t go kissing other men

Prof. Notrumple

P.S. The free kitten is in the mail.