‪#‎CaptainSwan‬: An epic love story from the beginning. (OnceABC)

I have literally never been more disturbed by something on a show in my life. This is the most ridiculous thing that could have happened to OUAT and it fucking happened.

Captain Swan is to OUAT what Trump is to America. Yeah, I said it. 

Why get so carried away by a ship you say ? Oh I don’t know, maybe because it ruined a show that I once called my favorite. A show that helped me deal with some shit. 

Not only that, Once ABC has a big influence in TV. I’m scared for little girls and boys around the world that are being taught by this show that Captain Swan is what true love is supposed to look like. If I ever am blessed enough to get a child, I’m showing them Captain Swan just to make them aware of everything a relationship should NOT be !!!

One of the first moments in that list is : passionate first kiss between Emma and Hook…

Oh I’m sorry…the kiss that was expected of Emma like a fucking award for the fact that he chose not to be an asshole for once. How fucking romantic.

And DON’T try to make this about me shipping swan queen. I would be at peace if Emma ended up with a complete new character at this point. Anyone but Hook. 

CS shippers this is not an attack on you, so please don’t even try me.