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deathbycaptainswan  asked:

Hii can i ask for the prompt CS neighbors with Secret relationship :) thankss

Title: The Rules
Summary: There are five rules to being successful friends with benefits. At this rate, Emma is going to break them all. 
Rating: M
Word count:~5,500
A/N: There’s no need to be shy anon, come talk to me :) Thank you both for the prompts and sorry it took so long! I hope you don’t mind I combined them. Hope you both like it! (a03)

The Rules are the most important part of being friends with benefits.

1. Never Sleep with a Neighbor 

The guy in apartment 201B was hot, anyone with eyes could see that, but that didn’t mean Emma had to do anything about it. Aside from the stray nod in greeting when passing in the hallway, she was perfectly content to ogle him from afar. 

About a month after she moved in, a package for K Jones Apt 201B ended up on her doorstep. Instead of setting it outside his door, Emma, perhaps stupidly, decided to knock.

Even knowing that his name was Killian didn’t have to change things. Emma could just say hello when they passed in the hall, and that would be that.

Emma was an idiot and forgot her card for access to the building two weeks later. She was stranded in the vestibule for an hour and a half waiting for someone to rescue her. Of course it would be Killian. 

“Perhaps we should exchange numbers love?” he said, and damn that accent would be the death of her. 

Emma raised her brow, saying nothing in return. 

“For emergency purposes, of course.” He held up his hands in surrender as she passed him to begin walking up the stairs. 

“Of course,” Emma said sarcastically, plodding up the stairs with him following behind. “And you have absolutely no other motive for asking me for my number?“ 

Emma reached her door and turned back to face him, arms crossed in front of her chest. He swayed a little closer flirtatiously. “Well I wouldn’t say that, Swan.“ 

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