“Hinata has been there since day 1. She deserves Naruto.”–anonymous anon



Let’s just take Sakura and Sasuke out of the equation since they are the most popular, viable love interest for Naruto. You NaruHinas have you main threats remove, now look at these:

Naruto & Sai:

OPENLY and VERBALLY expressed acknowledgement towards Naruto, whether by insults or praise. He also OPENLY and VERBALLY expressed worry for Naruto over his friendship (obsession) with getting Sasuke back.

Naruto & Shikamaru

OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged Naruto since childhood, questioned the village’s hate towards Naruto, participated with him in pranks, comforts him when Jiraiya dies, wanted to walk beside him, OPENLY and VERBALLY declared himself Naruto’s advisor and that he didn’t want to Naruto to feel lonely anymore.

Naruto & Choji

OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged Naruto as a companion, gave him food (i.e. chips) and ate together, expressed his support and amazement OPENLY and VERBALLY.

Naruto & Ino:

Not close, but she OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged him and talked to him like a normal human being. She also OPENLY and VERBALLY expressed amazement when he was able to perform a rasengan/shuriken

Naruto & TenTen

Again, not close but she OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged his presence and even showed worry about him during a mission outside the village when she believed he was to be executed him. She reprimanded him for making her worry as well.

Naruto & Neji

“It was you who saved me from the darkness” boy who OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged Naruto’s strength up until his tragic death.

Naruto & Lee

Due to his extroverted personality, he OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged Naruto’s skill and power since the moment they met. He compliments him in battles and, if he does not understand, accepts Naruto’s quest to bring Sasuke back.

Naruto & Kiba

OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged Naruto since childhood and throughout his life, whether it be through insults, jokes, or encouragement. He, with Choji and Shikamaru, are part of the original deadlast group and helped Naruto with pranks and escaping Iruka.

Naruto & Shino

While not close, he VERBALLY and OPENLY acknowledges Naruto as his friend and VERBALIZES his dismay of not taking part in Sasuke’s retrieval mission and the fact that Naruto forgot about him when he left with Jiraiya for three years.

Naruto & Gaara

Gaara OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledges his crush friend to his siblings, friends, and the ENTIRE NINJA WORLD. He OPENLY and VERBALLY expresses anger and worry when Naruto enters the war.

Naruto & Sand Sibs

OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledge Naruto and the impact he has made on their little brother’s life. Thanked him for saving their little bro too.

Naruto & Konohamaru and his friend:

OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledged Naruto from the start. OPENLY and VERBALLY expressed admiration towards Naruto and a few times defended his honor as well.

Naruto & Toads:

OPENLY and VERBALLY acknowledge Naruto as their friend, and OPENLY state his weaknesses and strengths. Show support for him as well.


So you get the picture. If you’re gonna go from day 1 then you’ll have to go when people actually met Naruto and when Naruto met them as well. If you’re gonna say Hinata was there since forever then you can’t discount the other figures in Naruto’s life that have made an impact on him as well and by the anon’s logic, DESERVE Naruto as well. Difference with these people is that they didn’t hide behind some tree or building and watch him get physically and verbally abused. They bluntly state his impact on them and accepted him as a friend without so much as a stutter. Shyness is not a defense for cowardice. I could go into more people that Naruto could be paired with using NHers logic that Hinata deserves him because, despite no evidence, she’s been there since the beginning of time and that her shyness makes her a pitiful enough character that she deserves someone that has no say. That logic brings in adults in Naruto’s life as well, and probably even more animals (slugs, dogs, and more toads) as well.

Hinata could’ve been there. But she wasn’t and even when she was, she was basically a stuttering mess that freaked or confused the hell out of Naruto. Had she made the step into comforting him, hanging out with him, or just simply saying one single thing with Naruto acknowledging back, she would have as much legitimacy as these pairings. But she doesn’t, and she is left as a love interest that needed a crappy movie to figure out how the hell two people that had barely 40 pages in the manga managed to fall in love.

Fic Rec list for SasuHina shippers

This list is pretty much in existence thanks to a crazy friend of mine. @omgitsdanniie <===== This girl loves SasuHina like there is no tomorrow. Since I both enjoy this ship among the others I do have, I figured I would do her a favor and make a list for this ship too. It’s only fair. :)

Here are the popular ones I’ve seen. 

  1. Fate Doesn’t Make Mistakes by Jortalus 
  2. Better Off Dead by wingedmercury
  3. The Chaos Theory by Bullwinkle’s Lady
  4. Requiem For A Dying Heart by tranquilwriter
  5. Shinobi of Honor by Lady Crack
  6. Stronger by Ink Child
  7. Prey for the Hunted by Airyo
  8. My One In A Million by Renoa Heartilly
  9. The Hyuuga Curse by Bullwinkle’s Lady
  10. An Uchiha in Uniform by summer-r0mance
  11. Whatever It Takes by xxBlackSakura24xx
  12. Nightmares by Fher34
  13. Cover My Eyes by Rampantt
  14. Catharsis by CharmGirl24
  15. The Model or Photographer? by mshinata (does have a love triangle)

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Sometimes I feel as if though all the truly interesting aspects of Naruto story-line and characters were just hopelessly abandoned and forgotten. All the sub-plots with real potential, all the morally-grey stuff, shady aspects of life and managing such a village, all the fascinating characters were shoved aside so we got to see Naruto repeating the same stuff again and again and again. 
Yeeees, he was the main character, but his friends were dear to him, right? And important in their own right. 

There was so much potential - ANBU life and scars of Yamato, Sai’s emotional coping, Gai’s life with disability after the war, Neji and his desire to change his clan, Shisui’s life and convictions, Kagami and his relationships, esp. with Tobirama, Danzo and his reasoning (I refuse to believe it was jealousy all the damn time), Tobirama’s actual thoughts and actions (because damn inconsistent writing), Orochimaru’s motives, Hashirama’s philosophy, Mito and her life, Izuna and his seeming “Curse of Hatred” despite his love for Madara, Konan after everything that happened… 
Side-characters? Yes. Important and valuable? Yes. They could have contributed so much to the story even the filler-arcs might be watchable if they used this instead. 

Ok, rant over and done… Hope it even makes sense.