Magi 331 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which Alibaba decides.

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some yunan headcanons

- he has freckles
- his hair is naturally straight, when it’s not in a braid
- he has terrible memory
- he also has a really bad concept of time and often mixes up time periods
- he’s actually very energetic and youthful, but his aged body holds him back
- almost everything in his house is stuff he’s stolen from sinbad over the years
- he hates restrictive clothing
- he’s actually very up-to-date on current events and trends, but he pretends otherwise to keep up his act of being so mysterious
- he’s sworn off alcohol because he gets very drunk very easily and muu told him that ‘alcohol makes him do bad things’
- Judar taught him how to swear and flip people off

So Alibaba decided to fight Sinbad in the end … While this was something expectable from the beginning of the last arc, but the way it comes two chapters after Alibaba said that Sinbad is the person he admires the most, and the theme of this chapter being Alibaba’s determination reminded me that this is not the first time Ali has to make such a hard choice to fight against someone dear to him …

Back in the Balbadd arc he had to fight Cassim who was his brother because they didn’t share the same ideals

And in the Kou arc he entered a death battle against Hakuryuu who was also one of his dearest friends due to their different way of thinking

Now he will fight Sinbad, his father figure and master who helped him growing all these years, because he can no more agree with him

Magi world is too cruel :( … but at the same time this is what makes it interesting and brings a great story, the series didn’t start with the introduction of white and black factions that are fated to fight till the end but a complex world with different people who have their own beliefs, you can never know … your friend today may become your enemy tomorrow and vice versa

Baidu’s Magi 331 Raws

 Scans below the cut for those who don’t feel like wrestling with baidu.com’s ads or can’t get their mobile devices to work on the website.  

UPDATE: page numbers added to correspond to @itsdanystormborn‘s preliminary translation.

SECOND UPDATE: added a page that I missed that @sayakakat2012 sent me and @itsdanystormborn translated in this post.

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I personally think that she received some development she's just not fleshed out enough like other characters. I think it would've been amazing to have an arc focused on morg , the red lion plot for example? That would've been great

She received some development during the first arcs, nobody denies that (at least I’m not). My disappointment comes from the fact that for the last 150+ chapters she has been sidelined and the treatment she is receiving makes me look more like a secondary character instead of a main one. And that’s really a pity.

I would also like to explore the side plot of  Morgiana finding her homeland/interacting with the red lions instead of it happening behind the scenes.

Also, if she could get any development aside from her her relationship with Alibaba it would be appreciated. It’s nice to see that she has found love (and this is coming from a non shipper of the pairin) but a character’s development shouldn’t only revolve around their love interest otherwise they grow into a shipping fodder. And that’s something sad for the main heroine to become.

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Juhaku & 64

64. Did the lights just flash?

“Why do you insist on watching scary movies if you don’t like them?” Hakuryuu asks Judal, who is currently pressed up against him. The movie is nearing its climax and Judal jumps at every sudden noises and movement in it.

“I do like them!” he insists. “I just like to cuddle you so that you don’t get scared.”

“Oh, really?”

The lights in the movie flash, and he shrieks. “Yeah! Yes! Oh god, don’t go down there,” he yells at the screen.

Hakuryuu laughs. “Sure, I’m the scared one.”

“Go fuck your- shit, did the lights just flash?” Judal grips his arm tighter, glancing around the living room fearfully.

“Uh, no. They did in the movie though,” Hakuryuu answers, and Judal shakes his head vigorously.

“I know that. But they flashed in here too.”

“The lights are already off. You insisted on turning them off for dramatic effect,” Hakuryuu says.

Judal sucks in a breath to respond, before he deflates a bit. “Oh, you’re right. Okay, look, this movie is extra scary. You can’t make fun of me!”

Hakuryuu pulls him in closer. “I’m not making fun of you.”

“Yeah, sure you aren’t,” Judal grumbles, but cuddles even closer.

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Magi 331 Spoiler Update PSA

Just an FYI for people who reblogged my incomplete set of baidu.com raws.  @itsdanystormbornfound and translated additional panel that wasn’t up on baidu.com when I posted raws around 4:30am today. It’s 1:25pm where I am now. (Hat tip to @sayakakat2012 for messaging me that post. Best/most disturbing wake-up call I’ve ever received. XD  

I’ve updated my prior post but I might as well post the panel here along with @itsdanystormborn‘s translations. Why? Because everything makes sense when you’re sleep deprived! 

Including making this Blingee at 4:30 in the morning. I’m not ripping on Morgiana here. I love her to death and thinks she deserves better. But the setup for the joke was right there and I felt like ignoring it would be a greater crime than the level of authorial neglect she’s suffered since chapter…I’m too tired to really think about it but you know what I mean. WHY AM I STILL TYPING!?

@itsdanystormborn‘s tentative translation (non-italicized text mine):

Morgiana: “Alibaba-san, let’s get married before we die” ( she uses the verb “give”  and the word “wedding ceremony” so, more accurately : “let’s give a wedding  ceremony before we die”) 

Morgiana:“let’s die together and become a married couple in the new world”


Morgiana: “Alibaba-san?”

I missed it since there were a lot of raws from Magi 321 on the second page@itsdanystormborn just confirmed that the page I missed wasn’t up when uploaded our original posts.

I’ll be keeping an eye on baidu.com throughout the day in case more panels get posted…and periodically passing out.

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