Why is it that we don’t see more women saving women in films/television?

I mean, you obviously have men saving women. You have men saving men. On occasion, you even have women saving men. Yet so rarely is a female character shown saving under woman, especially since, in my experiences, real life women are so protective of other women.

Some creep at a bar making you uncomfortable? A complete stranger will walk up and pretend to be your best friend or lesbian lover. Women who have suffered in the past with body images will go far out of their way to ensure other young girls don’t have the same bad experienced they had. Women are at their fiercest protecting other women, yet this is so rarely portrayed in media.

I want more Briennes fighting to rescue a trapped, abused lady.

I want more Tauriels fighting a horde of orcs to protect two young girls.

I want more “not my daughter, you bitch"s.

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Why do you love jon and ygritte so much ? Big fan of them too

I’ll try to not be too long about this but i could go on for ages - even though writing in english is not that easy for me so i’m not very eloquent and i might do a lot of mistakes :)

There are a lot of reasons and i don’t know where to start *heavy breathing*. The obvious thing would be : they love each other (they don’t really say it in the books but  “first we’ll live” is just like it). Just so, not only do they truly love each other (which is a rare thing in ASOIAF/GOT but also not an easy thing in general) but they don’t need to say it - they play with each other, they sometimes compliment each other, they laugh together (i love Orell’s comment in the show about them “giggling together in the night” because that’s what they do), they sleep together, they LEARN together (i’ll talk about this a lot later). No political things or anything else at stake : just pure feelings. Just the pleasure of enjoying someone and to be with this person.

It’s also not a love based on the fact that they find each other attractive (they do, eventually, but at the beginning Jon finds Ygritte just plain except for her hair) and it’s not love at first sight either ; it’s something progressive, especially on Jon’s side. The most important side to their relationship to me is not really the fact that they get along despite their fights, it’s that they learn from each other, which is clearly transparent when you understand that “You know nothing” is not a catchphrase to show that Ygritte is making fun of Jon but that she thinks that he has so much to learn about life and who’s gonna be his teacher ? “I can teach you how to do it” she says at one point. It’s obviously a reference to do the do but it’s also so much more than that : she can teach him to experiment things he never did, things that are for her what’s life is about. They are SO different and that’s why there are so many funny situations between them but also why their relationship is so rich and interesting. In the books, Ygritte is a singer and a storyteller (like almost all the wildlings because their culture is very much based on orality) so she tells Jon things about her people and sometimes Jon disagrees and you have so many pages about them just talking about stories and their beliefs and learning even though they’re both stubborn. Ygritte teaches him about wildlings, Jon teaches her about modern stuff like castles (because she is so fascinated by castles and what men can do in general).

And they do learn. We don’t have Ygritte’s point of view and i don’t want to spoil the next books too much but oh guys HOW MUCH JON HAS LEARNT FROM YGRITTE. Jon can be annoying when he’s narrow-minded because of his education, his talent and his bastard situation (he’s my fave character of all time but he has flaws like everyone else) ; and he’s so much more open-minded after his experience with Ygritte and the wildlings. He also becomes one of the most modern and feminist characters in ASOIAF. He wants women to have a chance to fight if they want to because he knows they can be as strong and capable and smart as men. He wants Sansa to inherit Winterfell once he learns Robb’s dead. He respects women, he respects them so much - he doesn’t want to marry someone if he doesn’t love her and vice versa. He wants equity and justice, not power, which is so refreshing and also so important. It’s something that is in him and i believe that it was at first thanks to Arya but then thanks to Ygritte (Arya/Ygritte parallels in Jon’s mind are one of my fave thing ever btw).

Then of course there is this big wall between them that represents the gap between their world. They often make fun of each other because of their differences and it sometimes leads to some real fights but they always come past that because they love each other. If we forget the context Jon/Ygritte’s relationship is to me everything love should be : enjoying someone’s company, laughing, being physically attracted to eacher other, having a deep affection/care for the other one without erasing your own’s personality and independance, and learning about you about others about life about everything and eventually be a better person.

The thing is, Jon and Ygritte are both stubborn and even though they learn they still have their own beliefs, personality and history. Jon is a man of honor just like his father. He fights again his feelings and his attirance towards Ygritte for a long time and he starts sleeping with her only when his life is in danger because wildlings don’t trust him - it’s a deed yes but the most pleasant deed of all. He has to fight against guilt and desire all the time which is so exhausting but sometimes he looses himself when he’s with her and that’s the most beautiful thing. But if having sex seems to be a thing he HAS to do at first, it’s nothing like that after. It’s a way to enjoy her company and Ygritte is never sexualised : her most female attribute’s are at the same level that her hair or her smile for Jon, it’s just stuff that makes her very attractive (and gives him a lot of pleasure but the lord’s kiss is very important because he gives her pleasure too IT’S A NOT A ONE-WAY THING WITH THE GIRL DOING STUFF TO THE GUY OK IT’S ALWAYS A BEAUTIFUL SHARED MOMENT OF PLEASURE AND HAPPINESS BETWEEN THEM and that’s what love should always be about and i’m in tears this pairing is ruining my life). It has a very sad end because Jon can’t be with her forever ; he believes the wildlings fight is a lost cause and it’s just not who he is. He has things to do, people and the Watch to protect even though he loves her - he wants simple things, he wants to live with her at Winterfell, but the world can’t be simple, their relationship can’t be neither and he had choices to make, just like Aemon told him at the beginning. But he never forgets her and i hope we’ll see more of his grief in the season because she is always there in his mind.

(….oops I think i said i’d do short, i’m really sorry, and even now i’m sure i forgot a lot of things but i hope you’ll find this answer satisfying :)) I just want to finish with some quotes from Jon’s chapters in the third book. If you haven’t read it and like Jon/Ygritte, you should totally read the following things in the read more.

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