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so just the other day i hit 2k followers?? which is unbelievable?? that’s such a huge milestone for me and i never thought my blog would’ve come this far, it honestly means so much to me. so to celebrate and as a little thank you, here’s another follow forever (it’s wayyyy longer than the last one lol sorry) <3

i actually took the time to put it in alphabetical order whoa mutuals will be italicised AND friends will be bolded!


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yes i know that was really really long i’m sorry i follow a lot of great blogs

again, thank you so so much for 2k! tbh i never thought my blog would make it to 100 followers, let alone 2,000. you guys mean a ton to me and i love you to bits <33

(also, if we’re mutuals and i didn’t tag you, i’m really sorry. i tagged quite a lot of people and i wouldn’t be surprised if i accidentally left some people out. just know that i love and appreciate u <3)

I reached 7K! Thank you guys so much for following, reblogging, and liking my posts and I hope you stick with me bc I’ll try my best to make y’all happy :D Here’s a follow forever as a little present!xx

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and last but not least, @5sos <333


so I just hit 100 followers and I’ve never made one of these before on any of my other blogs, so I figured why not make one to celebrate all of the cool people I’ve met on here so far? thank you to everyone who has followed me and sorry for this shitty banner (I’m not sure how to make one + this was really rushed so oops). anyway, without further ado:

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mutuals that I love:

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thanks again to everyone who’s followed me or just made my experience on tumblr a great one! bolded mutuals are friends and/or favs that I notice all the time that I’m especially fond of. I tried to include everyone, but I’m sure to have forgotten some people, so I’m so sorry if you’re one of the people I accidentally left out! 

160828 - Today is exactly one month since joined the studyblr community and I must say I never expected to get past one hundred followers so I am thrilled and very thankful! I made this follow forever to thank you all for supporting me and my posts. Hope all of your studying pays off and that you will have an amazing school year ahead of you~ ♥♥♥

Honestly every single studyblr I have come across has it’s own charms but these are just some of my faves, I’m sure I misspelled some names and forgot a lot of people and I’m sorry ≧◡≦ 

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hey it’s michelle!!! so school starts tomorrow for me and its my senior year of high school woooooo!! i just wanted to make this follow forever to thank everyone on here for making my dash great! i made this blog over two years ago and while i went on a hiatus during the 15/16 season (especially during the second half of club season), i’m glad i came back this summer!! i really missed posting about football (barcelona tbh) and i’m glad to have made new mutuals who are really really amazing and have amazing edits/gifs!! and thanks to everyone who continued to follow me while i was on my hiatus yall are the real mvps lol but yeah thanks again guys!! much luv to you all

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I finally got around to making a follow forever, I was meant to make one when I reached 10k but never ended up getting around to it because I went on vacation for 3 weeks. Anyway! here it is. These are all the lovely blogs that make my dash interesting and entertaining. Thanks for following me kids, love y‘all. (If i forgot you, I’m sorry ily2)

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Hello guys! So two days ago I’ve reached 6k followers (wtf are y’all doing here), right after I came back from the Philippines, which is awesome! So to celebrate I’m making a follow forever to say thank you to all of you who followed me (you’re special and amazing) and especially the blogs I’m following making my dash interesting and beautiful.


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Some Positivity in Light of the Recent News

So you probably know by now. Final Fantasy XV has been delayed 2 months. So I’m going to try to shine a light in this sea of negativity I woke up in. 

It sucks. I know. Its not good at all. But here’s some things to remember. 

The game is finished. By western standards at least. SE are just holding themselves to higher standards. 

The other option was a patch. The problem with this is that reviewers and people who get their preorders early will have the inferior version. This will mean better reviews and first impressions which mean the game will be more successful.  

A day one patch requires a high speed broadband connection. When most of your interaction with the fandom and with the gaming community in general is through the internet, its easy to forget that’s there’s a huge number of people out there with zero or crummy internet. People have been calling Tabata out for stating that wanting people without internet to have the same high quality product was a cop out  because ‘everyone’s online’. This is false and by saying that it should be released with a patch is saying that you dont care about kids in the outer Hebrides or developing countries or middle of nowhere farms or the people who move around too much for a stable internet connection. You don’t care that they get an inferior product. Square cares. Everyone around the world who buys this game, regardless of circumstance, is getting the same product and same experience. 

People who still don’t have a PS4 can pick one up cheap on black friday. 

Squares in house developers are freaking perfectionists. This just goes to prove it. 

This game came so close to being cancelled years ago, its a miracle we’ve got so far today. 

Its only 2 months. Its not that long. 

We’ve still got Kingsglaive coming at the end of the month and some more brotherhood eps

Its will give people who were planning on playing the Japanese version of P5 more breathing space between the two. This should help sames of both in Japan. 

Kingdom hearts 2.8 and 3, Persona 5, World of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7 remake, Tales of Berseria, Nier Automata and Ni No Kuni are all real things that are coming in not that long at all. Its a really good time to be a JRPG player. 

I know I’m not the only one with a huge gaming backlog to work through. 

But most importantly, it means the final product will be better. 

I know waiting sucks, but we can do it. 

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hi friends its rachel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reached a follower goal n i wanted 2 make one of these bc i love all of u so so so much nd interacting with u all makes me rly happie so i wanna show u all that i appreciate u !!!!!!!!!!! so this is basically a mutual appreciation post i guess ok cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

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