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500 followers! Wow! It’s not many compared to a lot of other blogs, but it makes me really happy. First of all I’d like to make a special shoutout to @hexagon431, who helped me and my blog along soo much. I wouldn’t be doing this follow forever if he wasn’t around. Anyways, here are some of my mutuals, consisting of people who’s blogs I love, who are my friends, or both! I’d highly recommend following all of them. A few occasionally nsfw so be warned, but for the most part they’re sfw. In alphabetical order (numbers first) :

@2d-injection @aceserena @affixbayonets @ani-moe @b-baka-i-its-not-like-i @bakemonokotori @basedreeses @burnmeumi @californiansunshine @chitosenosebleeds @christmasdesu (desubringer) @cresciento @cutegirlsdoingcutethings @cutekemonogirls @daijoubou-jordesu @darkrai-10 @dutch-kun @ecchifortheplot @fiverainbows @fwjave @gaeldrim @hexagon431 @ichicurosutorei @kisama-san @kisama-chan @kudokawa @liberty-or-dess @literally-the-best-onii-chan @mintlatios @moepig @my-waifu-is-better-than-yours @nge-nerv @otakumonsterhunter @robo27 @sachi-komine @sebast-nyaan @shigatsuneko @shironomi @smemerline @stressfully-structured @sugoihentai @teishoku @thatwhitekidstuff @the-anime-girls-blog @verynotgoodbad @weyherman @yung-gunshot

I think that’s everyone, if I missed you let me know!

And finally, some quality blogs I follow in no particular order:

@allofthemoe @anime-cloud @anime-scarves @ches-collect @chilly-ashiteru @cutegirlsaremyfavorite @caskitsune @is-the-order-a-destroyer-new @catgirlsdoingcatthings @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga @dailyzettairyouiki @darkchunni @deadecchi @deathbydoki @fileth-fileth @futureisfailed @healing0831 @ipscell @itscalledmoeufuk @k-ui @jazzmasterreissue @jattoba @kancollegirls @kantai-gate @kv3dia @laughoutloli @lolisarereligion @makoto-mill @man-nona @more-moe-more-problems @nelnia @ookazaki @simplykasumi @xdeyuix @xyzismywaifu @zsaber @thigh-high-senpai @the-otaku-kingdom @the-coffin-princess @twin-tailed

 That’s about it, and once again thanks for 500 followers! Love you all!


As the ceasefire discussions between the two nations, all provisional terms have been suspended in light of recent developments. Moreover, in the wake of the news of King Regis’s death, we’ve now received word that Crown Prince Noctis and the Oracle Lunafreya have also been pronounced dead.

Yoooo so i finally decided to make a follow forever after hitting 20k followers which i think is insane like how can that many people go to my blog and be like….. sure ill follow like ???? its insane really. Ive only been a kpop blog for a little over a year and ive met soooo many wonderful people and get to see qualityyyy 👌👌content everyday and thats thanks to the wonderful people i follow. i also wanna thank everyone that follows me especially and reblogs my crap gifs and art, the fact that you think its decent enough to put on your blog blows my mind. thank you for sticking with me all this time and i hope i get the chance to talk to even more people in the future. i dont wanna make this too long, mainly bc i suck at writing this kinda stuff sooo itll start to get really lame so i just wanna give one final thank you to everyone :)))

shoutout to my homies who i enjoy roasting on the daily, y’all know whats up (if you hover over your url i have a message for your wack asses): @apgujeon @mintsugakookies @jiminrolls @jminies @jeony @bangtoori @gotjimin @deviltae @kimseoksjin @thesixthmonth @yvngie @mindeer

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a rly rushed header bc i almost didn’t make this, but i hit the 2k mark not too long ago and decided that there were some blogs and mutuals that i rly wanted to mention! i remember making my first ff a few months back and i’m amazed at the great experience i’ve had so far~ 2k isn’t a big number but i’m online inconsistently so i’m thankful for every follower/note i’ve gotten (your tags make my day). here’s an ff dedicated to some of my fav blogs and mutuals 

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Have you noticed I only do one Follow Forever per year?

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Wow, it’s Christmas!
That’s time for spreading love, right?

I’m not good at Follow Forevers and I have never done one on this blog, so let this be my first. This is both for Christmas and that my one year blog-versary is coming up in January! We’ll also make it for 100-150 followers. I’m in there somewhere.

Let’s get to some names!

Lovelies (total bias):
@theblackfamilysheep / @silver-argents, @vulpxculae / @nvgitsune,  @rainaulthouse, @thistlesinthesahara / @lostwiththemuses, @puerdelumine, @writingwomanofletters, @femlucy-is-here, @killerxsluts / @slutsxfolympus, @theprcttywinchester@alphaincxntrol, @consumeher, @effymccall, @sarkisms

Shinies (totes stalking):
@allthosemuseiisms, @purebloodandpower, @warricrhearted, @idcntbelong, @archmage–khadgar, @of-wolves-and-lions, @anierous-sunblade, @icecrowning, @neckerchiefsandmagic, @faerietanith, @two-fingers-of-craig, @thcrnypain, @the-ramblin-man, @the-one-true-queen, @ocustos, @tobeblamed, @doyouthinkimafreak, @victimbegetsvictim

If you aren’t on here, I totally still love you. I love all of you. You’ve stuck with me through all sorts of stuff and dealt with my fandom jumping and disappearing muses. You’re all great people! <3

Może kiedyś... właśnie teraz

Tytuł: Może kiedyś… właśnie teraz

Opis:Niektórzy chcą żyć idealnie, inni chcą stworzyć najbardziej romantyczną historię wszechczasów, kolejni chcą komedii romantycznej, ja zadowoliłbym się ambitną, melodramatyczną, świąteczną historią miłosną.

Banner: Mini

Od Autorki: Przed wami świąteczny tekst, mały prezent z okazji mikołajek.  Mam nadzieję, że przypadnie wam do gustu, miłego czytania:)


Nieznajomi w nocy… wymieniając spojrzenia,

Rozmyślając w nocy,

Jakie były szanse, byśmy dzielili miłość

Zanim noc się skończy.

W przedświąteczne dni, wszystkie drogi prowadzą do jednego, najważniejszego miejsca – do domu. Gdziekolwiek człowiek się znajduje, myśli uciekają tylko tam, do tych starych, tak dobrze znanych murów, do pokoi, które widziały najważniejsze momenty naszego życia, do tych skrzypiących schodków, których zawsze starało się uniknąć, ale to nigdy się nie udawało. Nawet znajdując się w najpiękniejszym miejscu na świecie, w świątecznym czasie myśli się o swoim mieście, w którym nie sposób się zgubić, o ulicach którymi przechodziło się setki razy, o mijanych domach i ludziach którzy mieszkają w nich do dziś, o starej ławce znajdującej się pod tym ogromnym drzewem w parku, gdzie zawsze słychać śmiech dzieci.  Święta zmuszają do przemyśleń o dniu wczorajszym i jutrzejszym, o tym co minęło i dopiero nadejdzie, o ludziach którzy odeszli i o tych którzy niedługo pojawią się na świecie, o nas samych, o tym kim byliśmy i kim jesteśmy teraz. Myślami uciekamy do domu, do miejsca w którym samotność nie istniała, a kubek z parującą herbatą był lekarstwem na wszystkie smutki…

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19: Inequality vs. Hate

daequan’s  prospective

Everybody’s doing something, there’s never a time of stationary ace. If you’re not incorporating yourself into the process; your content with where you are. There’s no up, there’s only now and where you will always be. No more money making; yet there’s always a bill to be paid. There’s always a car to “need” and most importantly a home to fulfill. 

That’s where Daequan is. There’s no time to “chill”; he needs to make business moves always so the family he moved out the hood 7 years ago; stays out the hood forever. During the day, he’s a business man. Sometimes he’s even dresses in Tom Ford, Gucci, and Burberry tailored suits. Then other days; a pair of cuffed skinny leg jeans and he’s particularly chosen top. Finally, there’s night; he’s hustling crack and marijuana throughout the city. Call it what you want, but he’s on top of his game right now. 

Pushing away from the desk, he stared at the screen of his computer before standing up and heading to his duffle bag. The one he carries every day, with all his personal belongings. In 10 minutes, he had a freshly rolled blunt to his lips. Daequan’s a critical thinker. He’s smart with his money; regardless of how ghetto or terrifying you may think he is; the man has learned that you never let anyone fuck you over.  And that mentally has taken him from hanging on the corner with his crew to sitting in the middle of his Million-Dollar nightclub office. 

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