Between Friends

Sam asks for a favor that only very, very good friends would agree to do.

This was a very weird idea of mine that I sort of came up with after a quirky dream. It sort of almost has Blam in it but not really like they’re not involved other than… educationally? Yeah… I’m gonna go sit in a corner.

“I need help.”

Kurt doesn’t look back from his jewellery sketches when he hears Sam say that, assuming he won’t be needed in this conversation. His husband’s best friend would be in town for the weekend only and Kurt’s more than happy to let them have their time as he is due to finish his designs in the next few days anyway.

“With what?”


But there are some things that pull Kurt’s attention even when he’s trying to focus on something else.

“Uh… okay,” Blaine says slowly, stealing a glance at Kurt who shrugs.

“Yeah, I mean. You two are pretty good at it, right?” Sam says. “At least you have a lot of it.”

“What makes you say that?” Kurt asks.

“Oh, come on.”

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Happy 5 years of the selection! (tag)

put when you joined and how the series impacted you!!

thanks @krisspiaria for tagging me (I’m sorry if anyone else tagged me and I missed it)! 

When I joined: Let’s see if I remember this right. I’ve talked about it before and I don’t want to miss out on the details, but I was on vacation from college, the first long vacation I had in a while. Early 2013, I think. I had already hear of the TV series and I was dying to read the story that got a TV show even before the book came out. Read it in a weekend and totally regretted it. I loved The Selection and was dying for the second book.  

How the series has impacted me: Well, first, the story really got me. I’m a slow reader and when I fly through the pages, I know I have something good. I love Aspen, if you follow me and know me at all you know this. So, I just needed to keep reading to hear more about him. I felt his pain, I felt his love. After reading, I decided to deal with the wait for the next book by creating a Tumblr page just for this series. I had no intentions on getting followers, I just wanted a place to talk about this dear book since I had no friends who had read it. Tumblr never fails to gather the lost ones, does it? I found here a community of passionate people who have fangirled with me, supported my silly edits when I didn’t even have photoshop and just talked to me. With that said, The Selection is the reason I got Photoshop, it inspired me to learn how to edit, even if it was just the basics. 

Now about the people I’ve met, let me just talk about @partylikeawordstar  Kiera Cass here. I have never interacted with an author as much as I have with this woman. It always amazes me whenever I see her doing that. From ups and downs to Happy birthday wishes, from rebbloging to joining in on our tags, she’s always been here with me somehow and I very much appreciate that.

Oh, the friends I made. I love you all and I’ll tag you bellow. 

Special Thanks and Tag: I need to thank these blogs for all the support in my ride:

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@savelapis Becks, my dear.

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Special mention to the inspiring: @thequeenofillea @celesteschreave @marleeandcarter @eadlynschreaveofillea

And my best wishes for these marvelous followers: all of you! I can’t say enough how happy I am to have so many people to share my love for this book with. I’m eternally grateful to @partylikeawordstar for bringing us together.

I’m sure there’s a lot more people to tag here. I’m sorry if I left anyone out. I miss hanging out with you guys. 

For the anon who asked for: Rey/Kylo get stuck in the Force(meditation/force bond) and experience alternative realities that constantly change.

His uncle constantly reminds them how careful they should be, “The mind is a delicate thing” he constantly repeats and both him and Rey roll their eyes. So yeah, maybe arguing silently through their bond was not what they should have been doing while meditating.

It happens suddenly, for a moment it feels like he’s levitating and suddenly he’s falling hard. Ben opens his eyes and he’s not in control of his own body.

They are walking, Ben wears ornate robes, crimson and gold and walks like royalty. He takes long strides while she struggles to keep up with his pace. “You can’t run away every time you don’t agree with them.” She tells him and he can practically feel her rolling her eyes.

“I thought you were my bodyguard, not my advisor.” His words are flat, he quickens his pace.

“And I thought I was guarding a senator, not babysitting a petulant child.” He chuckles at her words and suddenly turns around to face her. He can see the surprise in her eyes.

“You wound me.” He brings a hand toward her face to stroke her cheek, she doesn’t move, but he doesn’t miss the spark in her eyes. “My little Jedi.” He murmurs, his hand still on her cheek.

Ben relishes in the warmth before the world goes black again. When he opens his eyes again they are on a First Order fleet, the clothes he wears are familiar, the lightsaber in his palm is heavy. When his eyes meet with Rey’s her gaze in blank, she looks striking in black, but it feels so wrong.

She holds a lightsaber in her hands and when she hits the switch the red light of her blade bathes her in crimson. “Come at me, Master.” She speaks, as they rush at each other the red blades clash. He had wanted this once.

“You’re leaving yourself open.” She barely dodges in time and as she comes at him again her anger is overwhelming. He’s faster than she is and manages to block her every strike, and when she leaves herself open once again she’s not able to dodge in time. He pushes against her and she falls to the ground while her lightsaber falls beside her.

She calls out to her weapon, but not in time. His red blade is at her throat, mere inches away from her skin. “You still have a long way to go, a mistake like that could cost you your life.” There is no light in her eyes and the sight unsettles him.

“Yes, Master.”

Everything is black and Ben’s falling again, and when he opens his eyes their gazes meet. Once again there is no light in her.

They stand a few feet away, surrounded by trees, and all that could be heard is the hum of her red lightsaber. He holds his own in his hand, lighter than he expects. When it switches on, he’s surprised by the blue light. “Rey, we don’t have to do this, we’re not enemies.” His voice is almost desperate.

“Oh, but we are.” She rushes forward and as they clash they’re bathed in a purple light. They push, but they’re evenly matched. “You had your chance to join me.”

Her strikes are violent and if he were to let his guard down, she would kill him. He can’t help but think about how he once looked like she did then, eyes filled with hatred. Hatred that doesn’t belong in her eyes.

As their blades clash again she speaks, voice breathless. “Stand down and join me.” He doesn’t dignify her with a response and as she pushes toward him, everything goes black.

When his eyes open again, the sight is a familiar one, the Millennium Falcon. As his gaze meet hers, he’s relieved to find a bright smile on her face, almost contagious, and that spark in her eyes. “Your father will kill us when he realizes we took the Falcon.” At the mention of his father his chest hurts.

“Not when I tell him why I took it.” He grins and leans into her.

“And are you going to tell me already why that is? I don’t like surprises.” He rolls his eyes at that and reaches into his pocket.

“Did you know my father proposed to my mother here?” She shook her head, oblivious. “For some reason I still can’t fathom, she said yes. I’m kinda hoping you’ll say yes too.” He pulls out a ring, she doesn’t even look at it. She throws her arms around him and her lips meet with his, it’s enough answer. Her lips mold into his own, it’s chaste, and Ben only wants to pull her closer but he’s just a spectator. As they pull away he finds himself falling again.

When he opens his eyes again, he’s gasping for air, he looks down and finds himself in a meditating position. When he turns to Rey, she’s there, really there. Their bond is filled with conflicting emotions, he can barely differentiate his from hers.

There’s surprise, there’s fear, but most of all there is longing. The scenes of every ‘what if’ still playing in their heads, and he doesn’t think they’ll ever be able to forget how right that last one felt.

Não faço ideia de quantas e quantas vezes eu reli as mesmas palavras, esperando que elas mudassem, que fossem algo melhor. Um pedido de desculpas, um volta pra mim, ou um simples “acorda, te quero de volta”. Mas não. Foram claras. Mais, impossível. Senti rasgar cada pedacinho de mim, e ser jogado ao vento, para que me levasse pra longe. E não sei até quando eu ainda vou voltar ali e ler a mesma coisa, morrer de novo ao termino de cada palavra, esperando por um milagre, que ainda não aconteceu.
—  A Culpa é das Estrelas.