why doesnt this boy wear sleeves?? :( ignis has to fly into mom protection mode to make sure he doesn’t get sick  (*^∀゚)ъ

the last one is ignis checking to see if he has a fever btw lol this comic is all over the place sorrryyy 

friendlyslowpoke  asked:

How do you think Prompto acts when he's sick?

  • Prompto will 100% try to hide the fact that he’s sick by acting like nothing’s wrong and going out of his way to hide his symptoms.
    • Turning on the faucet to cover up the sound when he throws up in the toilet
      • (He also cries when he throws up– better make sure his eyes are dry before he leaves the bathroom)
    • Attempting to act naturally by being his normal, cheerful, energetic self… but coming across as much more cheerful and energetic than normal
      • One time, he gets a really high fever and swoons… but he’s somehow able to maneuver himself into a front somersault when he pitches over and ends up back on his feet
        • Noctis: What
        • Noctis: Why
        • Prompto: Oh. You know. Just wanted to show off my agility.
        • Gladio: Weren’t agile enough to dodge the Killer Bee back there before it stung your–
        • Prompto: SHHHH!!! :(
    • WILLINGLY taking medicine in an attempt to relieve his symptoms so that he can function
    • Avoiding. Standing. Too close. To Ignis.
      • Because Ignis has Nat 20 Perception and HE WILL NOTICE IMMEDIATELY
    • Blaming coughing fits on choking on his own saliva
      • Which. Okay. Yeah. Happens, but not five times in the span of an hour.
    • Trying to eat healthier foods and drink more water than usual since a healthy diet will probably help his body recover faster
      • Prompto loves juice and soda, so this is usually when Ignis’s suspicions that something is wrong are confirmed
  • When Prompto’s been found out, he tries to keep up the facade for a while longer
    • He doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Plus he’s worried that he’ll come across as weak if he lets illness affect his efficiency on the field. Like. He doesn’t need yet ANOTHER reason to feel like the weakest link.
  • But once the boys finally convince him to sit the hell down and rest, it’s a downwards spiral into not-feeling-goodness. When he’s sick, Prompto will:
    • Not take Ignis’s advice
      • Prompto: “I don’t want to drink water. I want a Coke”
      • Prompto: “If I drink this cough syrup I will literally die. It tastes like watered-down Flintstones vitamins mixed with battery acid and a lonely childhood”
        • Yes Ignis will hide medicine in Prompto’s food so that he’ll take it
        • No it does not always work
          • Prompto: “Why is this applesauce so bitter”
          • Prompto: WAIT”
    • Endlessly apologize for being a bother and get very emotional when someone cares for him– no matter how small the act is
      • Gladio: *Handing Prompto a cup of soup* Here, this should help your… What–
      • Prompto: *Tears rolling down his cheeks*
      • Noctis: Gladio! What did you do???
      • Prompto: Nothing. Except be perfect…
      • Gladio: This kid’s fuckin’ delirious. I’m getting him a wet washcloth for his head.
      • Prompto: See, Noct? A saint…
      • Noctis: Prompto, literally what–
      • Prompto: Those tattoos on his arms are his angel wings
      • Gladio:
      • Prompto: Fly away, Gladio. 
      • Prompto: Be free…
    • Once the guilt becomes a bit more manageable, Prompto begins to let himself enjoy being cared for awww

Where do I start? I got a few screws loose. But I’m a I'Cie, same as you. Difference being…I wasn’t born on Cocoon. I’m from Grand Pulse. The ‘world below’ you all hate so much. My partner and I’d turned to crystal there and gone to sleep. But when we came around, here we were. The reason Cocoon in such an uproar is a the same reason you’re here now. Vanille and I woke up. When we came out of crystal stasis, we didn’t remember our Focus or what we’d done. All we could do was wander Cocoon, looking for what we’d lost. By the time I took care of 'em, Vanille was long gone. After that, Raines and his Cavalry found me. I never stopped searching for Vanille, but I couldn’t find her. Her, or our Focus.

7th times the charm

Bill recounts his first seven kisses, it only took him that long before he found who he was looking for in a mess of curls and a kiss to his palm.
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I     Beverly

Beverly was Bill’s first kiss. They were in third grade. The stage lights danced across Bill’s vision the same way that Bev’s fiery hair danced when she laughed - she laughed a lot. The entire school and his own parents were watching, his heart was in his throat as he stuttered out the lines. The words got caught in his throat, the lights were taunting him while the audience merged into a uniform sea look of pity and forced grins.

His Peter Pan costume was hanging off his shoulders - it was much too big. Even to this day, Bill still remembers the trailing of his pants along the floor, the conscious thoughts of the movement of his feet to avoid tripping. Anxious butterflies fluttered around his stomach in a way that Bill wouldn’t feel again for several years, the knot that built up in his throat and the quickening heartbeat were all signs and Bill knew.

He was in love.

He was in love with Beverly Marsh, the girl who sat two desks away from him. She bought him a Christmas card and wrote a smiley face in a glittery lilac pen. She twirled her hair and chewed her pencils, she came into school late and forgot her homework and she was perfect.

Bill, of course, wasn’t actually in love - we don’t have to let him know that.

This kiss - the ending scene - was the most important thing in little Bill’s life. To his parents, the teachers and over an ocean of faceless people, this was just a show. Oh no, but to Bill - he knew better - he knew this was going to be how he met his wife, they would get married on the playground, just like Robert McNeill and Kathy Gates.

He messed up his last line in anticipation of the kiss, and just then, with a soft smile and a flurry of freckles - Bill Denbrough had his first kiss.

Nerves, Faces, Freckles.

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HELLO FRANS!! SO IT’S BEEN A YEAR SINCE I MADE MY LAST FOLLOW FOREVER AND I REACHED OVER 60K SO I THOUGHT IT’D BE A GOOD TIME TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE 🎉🎉 thank you for this milestone! its amazing to see that ppl find my shitposts and fake subs funny enough to follow this blog, thanks again 😭

side note: bang-tan is a sideblog, if i follow you its with my main @kyung-soo. and a huge shoutout to my lovely Ari @cloudjimin for the gif of jimin 💯!!!  its absolutely adorable, just like you 😘😘  BIG SHOUT OUT to everyone I follow for making my dashboard an enjoyable place 💖  all of you are quality blogs and deserve the world 💞 i hope you all have a wonderful day ❤️  

so here’s a list of quality gfx/gif/edit makers, translators, writers, fanartists that everyone should follow:


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  i know i say this at every milestone but heckity heck i am shook that 5k of you follow me because ??? wow that’s a lot. the past few months on tumblr have been such a fun time and i’d like to thank all of you for sticking with me through thick and thin (srsly tho why didn’t u block me when the furry discourse was a thing?)

i haven’t done one of these since august, so i thought it was time to do a follow forever! everyone on my dash never ceases to brighten my day so i guess this is a shout out to both mutuals and non-mutuals who bless my dash: y’all r cool.

(since many of you (including me) rebranded for the spooky season, this is probs a mess and i still don’t know half ur urls so if i forget you feel free to curse my blog or something) 

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do you know any other good jikook accs

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In honor of the release of Reputation in NINETEEN days, and finally hitting 16k, I want to take a minute to appreciate the blogs I adore.  I love everyone I follow, but these are the people I’ve “followed forever” and some of my awesome friends.  This community means so much to me, and you all play a huge role in making our fandom so sweet.  I love you guys so much <3


@aestheticallytaylor @afragilelittleflame @all-too-well @all2wellwater @almostdonotcare @altoowhale @andistoodtherelovingyou @andthatlittleblackdress @apenandanoldnapkin @apolaroidofus @areweoutofthewoods @arushilovestaylor @awkswift @babyiknowsomeplaces @bae-tay @belleswift17 @bemyoldselfagain @best-apologies @bestapologies @bigbroswift @bigeyesswift @brian-mansfield @broswiftie @busydancin @cametotheshowinsd @captureitrememberit @casuallyfearless @catchmenows @chasingfortunes @colldasyou @colorsinautumn @confessionofafrenchswiftie @creekbedsweturnedup


@daddysaidstayaway @daerjohn @dancingtothissickbeat @dancinroundthekitchen @dearjohns @demonsandarling @detectiveswift @dontwanttofly @dressuplikehipsters @emswift @enchanteds @everfallingdark @everythinghaschanged @eyesopen @falloutswift @feministapril @fifth-harmony @finallyclean @firstkissflawless @flashbacksandechoes @flfteen @fuck-sewingmachines @gay4tay @gettingsweptaway @gettinsweptaway @gonewasanytraces @gonnashakeit @goodgirlwhoshopeful @gothswift @gotnothingfiguredout


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@lastskiss @lastyoungrenegade @leaveanastyscar @lightheartedjoke @lightsglisten @likeheyitsdibbles @longlives @longlivethegirlinthedress @longslive @loverinthefoyer @lovespretty @lovestory @lovetheplayers @magicmadnessswift @mapleswiftlatte @messofadreamr13 @monica-geller @mountainswemoved @mswatswift @myblindoptimism @myherotaylor @myoldpartydress @nashville-s @nevereverlikeever @newfoundgrace @newromantics @newromantlcs @ninetay89 @noitsydney @notalotgoingonathemoment @notaprincessimyourqueen @nowimhaunted


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And my incredible friends:

@taylorswift​ ;) @throughthedoorwithyou@beforeifell@myjourneytofearlesss@thotjuly9th@sarah-annethirteen@showyouincrediblethings@tsgrace13@callmeswiftie13

And most of all, my best friend who I miss so incredibly much: @callsmeupagains​ Everything I do is to make you proud.  I love you so much and “I’ll never forget you as long as I live” <3

When your best friend sets you on fire but you laugh it off and hide your tears

When you ask if you could go to the chocobo post but Iggy drives past it

When you ask “what’s for dinner” and get served toast

When it’s post-game and you don’t remember if that self-discovery trip in your own DLC was all in your head or not

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hello~ so the other day i reached 1k followers (!!!!) and that’s insane thank you guys so much. i never thought that i’d get this many followers after remaking a little less then a year ago. it has been an amazing time so far with this blog with so many nice and welcoming people. i’m so bad with words so i’m just going to move on. here’s some people that are lovely mutuals and are just people that have all around amazing and beautiful blogs. sadly this isn’t in any order but here we go!:

@jaayhope // @namjoonsflatass // @sugaidc // @softjiminstan // @jungshiii // @minyoongis // @jmin // @sosjimin // @vendettafrank // @daeguu // @wingscouldfly // @uoongi // @booptaegi // @vlives // @je0n // @jeonjeongguke // @namjoonrps // @kookieminnies // @samwol // @hoseokb // @acciosugas // @yccnseok // @hobeui // @jjeonguk // @jinandtonics // @sugahyung // @gukied // @daegucrew // @bwiseoks // @harunyany // @hqseokjin // @2awake // @minyoongihoseok // @slapmon // @bwis // @rapnamu // @comeherejimin // @rapdaegu // @cowjimin // @taetwin // @pkjjm // @jminies // @guktwt // @pjmksj // @yoongsb // @officerjungguk // @jjks // @ahjiminie // @seiyoko // @taepott // @springtaes // @jeonsguke // @nochuie // @kassareo // @yoongiski // @dearmyjimin // @kookmint // @beuits // @omfgbts // @jinsasleep // @safejimin // @vhope // @taetaes // @cinnamonsuga // @mangaetteok // @bangtoori // @kook-tae // @hixtape218 // @booptae // @jeonbegins // @jimiyoong // @ksjknj // @kthspjm // @92412 // @mewchim // @joeguk // @dimplesbybts // @hobies // @jiminvy // @minblush // @smilejoonie // @jjilljj // @kimdaily // @kimseokwin // @apgujeon // @bwisou // @sweaterpawsjimin // @hoseokjimin // @chimchams // @yoonmin // @yoonggi // @yoonseok // @parkjinyougns // @jinmini

again thank you guys so much for everything~ <3