i haven’t done one of these in a while, and i don’t think i’ve done one since i’ve become a kpop blog, so let’s do this! ♡ first of all, obviously, s/o to my favorite of all time, my beautiful girlfriend @lesbianjimin whom i adore.

ilu guys a lot, in case that wasn’t blatantly obvious ♡ and this is just a mini ff for kpop blogs, so even if you’re not on here but we’re mutuals, i still love and adore you, jsyk. 

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Rescue Me

Prompt: Hello love, for an oneshot can you do it so denny and the main character meet in a bar. Denny is kinda sad (doesnt have heart problem anymore) and the main character just got dumped and they meet at a bar. And its super cute, and can you incoperate the song ‘sometime around midnight? By the airborne toxic event’ Thanks -Anon

Authors Note: this is my first time writing a one-shot. let me know how you like it :) and thank you @starshinesupergirl for making the coverphoto and proofreading.

Warnings: fluff, stupid friends, drinking

Pairing: Denny x Ana

Break ups are never easy. No matter what side of the line you’re on, you’re either left guilty or hurt. But being cheated on brings the hurt to a whole new level.

Being cheated on sucks, but what sucks more is the aftermath. The couples you once hung out with still invite you places and looking at them makes you feel sick. People pitying you and dragging you from your house. Your girlfriends making you go out to the clubs and trying to set you up is all too nauseating.

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Sei que sou quieto, e que devo falar mais. Mas se soubesse as coisas que passaram pela minha cabeça, você saberia o que significou de verdade. O quanto somos parecidos, e como passamos pelas mesmas coisas.
—  As Vantagens de Ser Invisível.