Catching up on Elementary: rewatch: s1, ep24

“So you’re saying we’re the same?”

“I’m saying I’m better.”

I adore … everything about this. This is perfection. I adore how her posture, her accent, everything about her has changed now that she’s shifted personas. 

Like … she doesn’t even touch him in this scene. At all. This entire scene is one of the greatest power moves on television I’ve ever witnessed. It’s better than anything I ever saw on Game of Thrones. 


I just hear the news about Nelsan Ellis and I became so sad at the though of him gone.

I seen him in another shows, but True Blood is one of my favorites shows and his character is one of my favorites.
Nelsan Ellis did an amazing job with Lafayette and send a very nice message to the viewers: be who you want to be, no matter what, even if shit happens, you rise up stronger, cos’ you are the baddest bitch in town.

So with this post I don’t want people to grieve, I want to celebrate his life and encourage you to be whatever you want, look however you want and love yourself and anyone else.

R.I.P sweet boy
With love D. ❤

Catching up on Elementary: rewatch: s1, ep23

Irene the sexy art thief flirting with Sherlock in London sure is a fascinating scene. 

I’m so happy I’m watching this now, knowing what I know. When I first watched this, I think I was rather annoyed about this whole “let’s make Irene a broken bird for Sherlock to mourn and rage over.” Thankfully I watched the finale rather quickly, so I wasn’t annoyed for long. 

This, like the reveal/twist at the end of Person of Interest’s first season, is absolutely exquisite … and not something you can TELL anyone about to convince them to watch the show if they’re considering it. It’s as wonderful as it is frustrating.